Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight – Pacifist Achievement Guide

This guide will explain on how to get the pacifist achievement, the most recommended way of doing it in terms of play through, as well as the misconceptions / confusion of being a pacifist in this game.

How to Obtain the Pacifist Achievement

Pacifist, What’s That?

Just like what it says,Pacifist means beating the whole game without killing a single enemy. Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately if you beaten the game already, you know there are many ways to kill your enemies in this game. Here are a list of conditions (that I know) that does and does not count into killing an enemy.

What Counts as a “Kill”

  • Killing with the leaf, bow, items, and summoning the fairy counts.
  • Killing enemies that are summoned by bosses. When facing against Derelict Frida, for extra safety, don’t kill the wolfs and the cat lady that chases you.

What Does Not Count as a “Kill”

  • Enemies that kill themselves whether it be from spikes and traps. Self destruct enemies also don’t count.
  • Enemies that chase you and get themselves killed.
  • Enemies that are stunned from one of your attacks.
  • Destroying furniture and opening chest.

New Game + Is the Best Way to Get This Achievement

If you didn’t know, doing a New game + still counts as a new game and still allows you to get all the achievements. My best advice for this pacifist play through is to start on easy difficulty, as you get two extra items and a large health pool to help with tanking. Get all the health fragments, ivory bugs, items from the shop and bosses, as well for the spring leaf upgrade. Remember, this is a play through to make it the pacifist run easier. Once you gotten everything and beaten the game, start New game + and this time don’t attack. The large health pool allows you to tank, and all the items you got, makes this boss fights a cake walk.

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