Out of nowhere, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gets a few new maps after everyone assumed it would never see another update. There weren’t even any patch notes about it either. 

During today’s massive Black Ops Cold War and Warzone mid-season update, three news maps hit Modern Warfare. It comes as a bit of surprise, considering there’s probably only a fraction of players left playing the game. Regardless, Activision threw three maps into rotation: DrainageKillhouse, and Al-Raab Airbase.

Drainage is a new Gunfight map catering to small team games, though it’s certainly spacious. There’s a lot of random objects lying around for cover and a bridge running through the center. Al-Raab Airbase, on the other hand, is a bigger 6v6-style map. It’s got lots of good opportunities for snipers and long-range gunners to get an angle.

Killhouse is a fast-paced Call of Duty Classic, which made a debut in CoD 4 but was also in CoD Mobile and Modern Warfare Remastered. For those not familiar with it, think of a small-enclosed warehouse with tons of places to hide. It’s based on the tutorial level, F.N.G., from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Players can hop into the Killhouse 24/7 playlist at any time from the MP menu. 

Rumors were circulating about these maps for some time now, but today’s update confirms it. It’s good to know Modern Warfare has not been abandoned entirely.