MLB Perfect Inning 2019 – Team Growth Guide

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Team Growth

Team Development Routes

If you envision your roster and plan ahead of time, it will be easier to complete your roster. Create a plan that fits your play style and develop your team accordingly.

MLB Perfect INNING 2019 allows for team owners to develop their teams in a variety of ways.

Team Badge Team Route

  • Collect players that are on the same team and enjoy Team Badge bonuses.

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Team Growth Guide

Players of higher type, OVR, and popularity will be harder to acquire. More material will be required to Boost them.

If your team is composed of players with low FA Market values, you will be able to Boost and Train your team faster.

The advantage of the Team Badge Team route is that you can get the most out of your team for a lower cost.
Fulfilling roster conditions and equipping team badges can increase the stats of your team as a whole.

Take note of each of the players’ prices in the FA Market, determine the standards for a team that matches your play style, and make plans to develop your players accordingly.

Pro-Tip: Sell high-grade players that you acquire from modes and playing the game, and use the profit you earn to purchase players that suit your play style and create your own team that much quicker.

High-OVR Player Focused Route

  • Collect players with High OVR.

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Team Growth Guide

Instead of collecting Team Badge effects, this route focuses on collecting and Boosting high-OVR players.
Due to the focus on high-OVR players, the amount of materials needed for Boosts will be higher than with the Team Deck route.

The biggest advantage of this route is the flexibility of player configuration because the players do not have to be on the same team as other high-OVR players.

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