Miner’s Haven is the self-proclaimed most prominent sandbox tycoon in the Roblox gaming sphere. It is a game developed by berezaa Games, with thousands of unique items to choose from to influence how you play. Play by yourself or with friends to construct massive bases and compete for a spot on the worldwide leaderboards. Learn to craft new recipes and more powerful items, and use our Miner’s Haven codes for free in-game rewards to help you along the way.

Redeeming free codes is a great way to earn extra freebies to gain an advantage over the competition. New codes release all the time and grant items like collectibles, mysterious boxes, in-game cash, and much more.

Here are the latest Miner’s Haven codes

  • metaverse – Redeem the code for a Spectral box.
  • easterparty1 – Redeem the code for three Easter boxes.
  • whatayear – Redeem the code for a Magnificent box.
  • restoredata – Redeem the code to restore data.
  • resetunreals – Redeem the code to reset unreals.
  • whatayear – Redeem the code for a Magnificent box.
  • KaBOOOOM – Redeem the code for a Rocket Launcher.
  • ancientcode – Redeem the code for an Ancient Conveyor.
  • RestEasyNow – Redeem the code for a free Yoda.
  • MakeYourDestiny – Redeem the code for a 5x Blockcast Plushie.
  • HeadStart – Redeem the code for 100,000 in-game cash.
  • mysoupisaboy – Redeem the code for 20 Blobcast Walls.
  • EXOTICDAY2020 – Redeem the code for 5 Clown Doge.
  • SLUMBER – Redeem the code for an Ore Gielder collectible.
  • Rthro – Redeem the code for a Heavenly Infuser.
  • twelvetosixteen – Redeem the code for 5 Blobcat Dabs.
  • DragonThatIsShockinglyLucky – Redeem the code for Oof Particles.
  • YesItIsNostalgicToMe – Redeem the code for a Heavenly Conveyor.

Codes are case-sensitive, so make sure you type them exactly as shown above, or they will not work. We will update our list of codes as new ones come out, or old ones expire. Developers are the only ones who can release new codes, so we have no control over making codes for you. Bookmark this page and check back daily for new codes and updates.

How to redeem Miner’s Haven codes

To redeem codes in Miner’s Haven:

  1. Launch the game and tap Play.
  2. Press the settings button on the left or press the C button.
  3. On the settings menu, type the code where it says ‘Enter Code.’
  4. Tap on the redeem button to claim your reward.
How to redeem codes in Miner's Haven

Please note that you can also copy and paste (by pressing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) the codes into the screen, which can help you save time and prevent any errors.

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Roblox is available on PC, Android on the Google Play Store, and iOS on the App Store.