Minecraft Dungeons: How to Unlock Creepy Crypt Mission

in Minecraft Dungeons there are a number of levels players can complete as they play through the game. These levels are all rather straightforward to unlock, but there are a few hidden ones that require more effort. One level that is hidden is called Creepy Crypt. If you want to unlock this level for yourself you’ve come to the right place. Check out our how to unlock Creepy Crypt mission guide below.

Where to Find the Hidden Map in Creeper Woods

Image showing the temple switch to access the Creepy Crypt map in Creeper Woods.

To unlock the hidden level called Creepy Crypt you need to find a map that is hidden in the Creeper Woods level. The Creeper Woods level is the first mission you will play and is fairly easy to complete. While inside the Creeper Woods level you need to make your way to the first villager you need to free. After freeing this villager continue forward and take a left. Head through this area until you reach a temple with a switch on the outside. Trigger the switch to open the door.

Image showing the map that unlocks the Creepy Crypt mission in Minecraft Dungeons.

Inside the temple you will see the a green scroll on a pedestal. Approach the pedestal and grab the scroll to unlock the secret level called Creepy Crpyt. Once this level is unlocked you will gain access to it on your overworld map. This level is rather short and is a good area to farm for gemstones.


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