Mindustry – Strategy Guide

Guide for getting started in the game created for my family and friends. Very simple strategy to get up to speed.

Strategy Guide for Newbies


Do the Tutorial

Learn to use schematics. Schematics save you an enormous amount of time. You are building a base but you will leave to buy better tech and then you may want to return to test your tech, or to farm more minerals, or to fight to a higher level, but you will be back, so record with schematics each step of your base building so that you can come back with ease.

Everyone says routers are bad, they are slow, well they are also cheap so at first I deploy a 9 duo squad using 4 routers and 12 junctions for storage. I call it CuSquad.

Collect Cu

You have 180 seconds before the first scout arrives.

Spend the first half of that time only collecting Cu (Copper). No fancy load balancing just get it to your base.

Defend the Base

Spend 15 seconds placing 2 duos on each Cu mine area and 4 duos near your base.

Close the Door

Spend 10 seconds building a narrow wall closing the narrowest choke point near the landing zone, the front line.

This is a temporary wall. I actually prefer an open door policy. Let the enemy in through the front opening and down a narrow hall to a door you can close that is lined by platoons on both sides. But that comes later, for now we just need to stall for time.

Gather Cu Ammo for Front Line

You have 60 seconds to load your duos on the front line. Find closest Cu and build mines bring to front line.

Hold the Line

Get the ammo to the front line and get the duos loaded.

Concentrate on getting one loaded then add more. Only use routers and junctions.

  • Wave 1 blows up the wall at the landing zone. Forget it.
  • Wave 2 flies over the wall and tries to shoot you. Keep building and repairing.
  • Wave 3 meets your first platoon fully loaded and in line for a battle that lasts about 6 seconds.

Once the front line is secure, you may continue with building your base. Do not become complacent, check for damage after each wave and keep everything repaired.

Collect Pb

You will need lots of lead and a lot more copper. Starting near your base gather all Cu and Pb until you have 1k of Pb.

Collect C for Power and Graphite

First carbon area, feed one coal burning generator and turn the rest to graphite.

Collect Ti

Use the first graphite to build pneumatic mines for Titanium needed for faster conveyors.

Upgrade Defenses

Use Cu and Pb to replace CuSquad with PbSquad or PbPlatoon of duos and scatters using distributors and junctions.

Collect S and C

Gather sand and combine with C at second C area, bring home the silicon.

Metaglass Kiln

Combine Pb and Sand in Kiln, make meta glass for pumps and pipes. Do not use all of your Pb, Collect more, keep collecting more of everything.

Collect C and H₂O

Make steam generator plant at 3rd C area.

If you have water nearby, you may use a mechanical pump to start the steam.

If you have no water nearby, you can mine for water, let your steam generators fill with C and then let the bypass go to a coal burning generator which will start the pumps.

Electrical Power Distribution Grid

Build electrical distribution grid. Upgrade LbSquad to CaPlattoon, water cooled duos and scatters with menders and sparks.

You may connect things quickly with shortest path but go back and create a fault tolerant grid that will keep working even if you lose a third of the map.


Launch with your load, do not get greedy, spend your collections on new tech that you can use next time. Use your new schematics so the return trip goes smoothly.

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