MHW Guiding Lands Max Limit – GL Area Level 7

Tundra is a new area in the Guiding Lands in Monster Hunter World. It has been added in a free update for the Iceborne expansion. Since you can only have so many GL areas at level 7, and you need to balance them carefully in order to keep the maximum number of them there, a lot of folks have been wondering whether Tundra changes anything there. This guide is going to explain the MHW new Guiding Lands max limit, so you can keep running your ship as tightly as possible.

mhw guiding lands new max level area
MHW Guiding Lands Max Limit – GL Area Level 7

How many Guiding Lands areas can you have at max level?

Before the Tundra appeared, you could have three areas at level 7, while the remaining two had to stay stuck at level 1. Hopeful master rank hunters have flocked to community boards to discuss the new addition and how it will affect the GL max level meta game. Pretty much everyone was hoping that the addition of a new area will allow them to have another level 7 zone in the Guiding Lands, but sadly, that is not the case.

The current max level distribution is 7-7-7-4-1-1. This means you’ll get to keep your three level 7 areas, but you’ll get only three additional points to distribute among the three remaining biomes. You can either push one to level 4 and leave the other two at level 1, have two at level 3 and one at level 1, or you can have them all at level 2.

From the look of it, adding another has will just make juggling the levels more difficult. Especially considering the fact you’ll have to lower some of the old ones in order to max out Tundra, if only to see which monsters appear there and which materials they drop. If those monsters end up being uninteresting, or the materials end up being hardly useful, you’ll have to do the whole thing again.

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