Metro Exodus Sam’s Story: How to Get the Untouchable Trophy/Achievement

In the new DLC for Metro Exodus there is a new enemy creature you will faceoff against called the Batwing. This Batwing attacks you a total of three times as you progress through the storyline. Each encounter with the Batwing requires combat and can earn you a Trophy/Achievement for performing well. Continue reading below to learn how to get the Untouchable Trophy/Achievement.

How to Defeat the Batwing without Dying?

Image showing the first encounter with the Batwing in Metro Exodus Sam's Story.

You are introduced to the Batwing early in the Sam’s Story as you zipline behind the Captain down to the town below. This encounter introduces you to the general mechanics of fighting the Batwing. Basically the Batwing appears, summons swarms of bats that damage you, and dive bombs you. Each of the three encounter adds a little wrinkle to the encounter, but that’s the general idea. Here are some tips to beat this boss without dying:

  • Prepare before each fight (health, repair equipment, etc.). See map below.
  • Use a weapon you are comfortable with (shotgun is nice here).
  • Stack either armor, health, and ammo gear.
  • Fight the Batwing encounters in the daytime for better visibility.
  • Complete this Trophy/Achievement this on Normal to make it easier.
  • Use incendiary ammo.
  • Shaking trees often giveaway the Batwing’s position.

Where do you Fight the Batwing?

Map showing where you fight Batwing in the Sam's Story DLC of Metro Exodus.

There are a total of three Batwing fights in Sam’s Story. Each fight takes in a specific location and is triggered when you go to that location. Use this information to your advantage so you can hit up a workbench before each fight.

  1. Rail Line: The first encounter with the Batwing takes place on a piece of rail line high above the ground. During this fight you are stranded on the platform and must deal enough damage to the Batwing to trigger a cutscene.
  2. Scrapyard: The Second encounter takes place in a scrapyard on the way to the Fire Depot. When you enter the Scrapyard walk forward for the encounter to trigger (don’t try to run through as you will die). The biggest thing to worry about during this encounter is the cars the Batwing tips over towards you.
  3. Forest: The last encounter with the Batwing takes place in the forest after the ziplining down from the Fire Depot. There is no falling cars in this encounter (thankfully). Instead the encounter is similar to the Rail Line. Deal enough damage to the Batwing and a cutscene will trigger resulting in its death.

Once you’ve completed all three of the encounters listed above without dying you will receive the Untouchable Trophy/Achievement. If you are wanting to platinum this DLC, you will need to unlock this trophy. Thanks for reading. Good luck.

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