Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC: How to Get the Cinephile Trophy/Achievement

In the second DLC for Metro Exodus, Sam’s Story, you take on the role of a character named Sam who is attempting to return to the USA to visit his father. As you attempt to make this dangerous journey back to your home you are tasked with exploring a few open areas. Within these open areas you will stumble across some interesting places with trophies/achievements attached to them. The guide below shows you how to get the Cinephile Trophy/Achievement.

Where to Find the Theater?

Image showing where to find the theater in Sam's Story DLC.

Play up through the DLCs opening sequence until you get access to the boat. Once you have access to the boat make your way to the building marked on the map shown above. This huge building houses a movie theater which is what we need to complete the Cinephile Trophy/Achievement. Note this place is crawling with bandits so be prepared to fight.

Where to Find the Film?

Image showing where to find the film to play to unlock the Cinephile Trophy/Achievement.

Once the building is secured, make your way upstairs and head to the east wing area. Go inside the first room of the wing and interact with the shelf circled in the picture above. When you interact with the shelf Sam will eventually pull an American film off of it.

Play Film on Projector to Unlock Cinephile Trophy/Achievement

Take the film and head into the projector room overlooking the theater. Interact with the film player beside the projector to have Sam remove the film and interact with it a second time to insert the new film. Let the film play until the Cinephile Trophy/Achievement pops up.

That’s all you need to know to unlock the Cinephile Trophy/Achievement in the Sam’s Story DLC for Metro Exodus. If you are wanting to platinum this DLC, you will need to complete this Trophy.

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