Metro Exodus Sam’s Story: All 8 Night Hunter Stash Locations

In the Metro Exodus DLC Sam’s Story there is a large open world players can explore. In this open world players will uncover a number of useful items and meet interesting NPCs. While out in the open world players may stumble across a mysterious symbol showing the face of a Night Hunter. This hints at a Night Hunter Stash. To help you find these stashes, use our all 8 Night Hunter stash locations guide below.

All Night Hunter Stash Locations Map

Image showing a map of all the Night Hunter Stash locations in the Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus.

The map above highlights the locations of all 8 Night Hunter stashes in the Sam’s Story DLC. These locations are presented in chronological order. Some of the stashes can be missed and will require playing through a new game to acquire. Keep this in mind so you don’t get too far ahead of certain checkpoints in the DLC.

Use the map shown above to find the general areas of each Night Hunter stash. Like other collectibles I will be highlighting the exact locations of each stash in more detail below.

All Night Hunter Locations Guide Video

Since getting inside each stash is a bit tricky, I am going to point you to the above video by YouTuber Game Guides Channel. In this video GGC shows you the exactly how to enter each stash location as you complete Sam’s Story.

Inside each stash you will find a collection items and weapons that will prove useful on your journey. You also earn a Trophy/Achievement for finding all 8 stashes called Great Owl.

That’s all you need to know to get the Great Owl Trophy/Achievement in Sam’s Story. Hopefully you found this guide useful during your playthrough. I also hope you found the weapons in each stash useful as well.

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