Maze – Beginner's Guide


The control of MAZE is very simple. There are only four basic operations: Walking, Flying, Interaction and Navigation. You can walk in the maze with the direction button (WASD or left stick).

Holding down the Fly button (Space Bar or LT, RT) allows you to fly in the maze, but flying requires a certain initial speed and energy consumption. By holding down the Fly button and keeping walking, you can fly. If you don’t have enough speed or run out of energy, you won’t be able to fly. Avoid hitting walls, and be aware that energy leftovers will let you travel more smoothly through the maze.

Tips: The flight of MAZE has certain skills, and your subtle control will affect the flight height and steering speed. Familiarizing yourself with maze flying skills will give you some pleasure similar to racing games.

Interaction is an important operation of MAZE. Interact button is needed to activate the trigger, open the door and open the box.

Navigation can provide some hints for you maze exploration. In addition to the End Point of Adventure Mode and the Starting Point of Treasure Mode, navigation will only display discoveries within 100 meters.

The Middle World

The Middle World is the transit area of MAZE, in which you can unlock and upgrade the maze. At the same time, you need to select the maze you want to enter here and start teleport.

Unlocking the maze costs maze stuff. Each character level-up will reward some maze stuff. There is also a probability of collecting maze stuff in the reward area of the Adventure Mode. Each time a new maze is unlocked, the number of maze stuff needed to unlock the next maze will increase appropriately.

Each maze has seven levels, and upgrades require the collection of treasures in Treasure Mode. Each upgrade unlocks new elements for the current maze, and the highest level unlocks the Hard Mode (See below).

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is the basic mode of MAZE, in which the experience needed to upgrade the character can be collect. Completion of the Adventure Mode will be rewarded with rich experience, while the maze will also generate small numbers of experience that can be collected.

There are gates in the Adventure Mode that block you from reaching the destination. You need to find a way to open the gates to move on.

There are 3 types of gates in the current version:

  • Trigger Gate is the basic door, find and activate the trigger can open the gate in the maze, sometimes a gate needs to activate more than one trigger to open.
  • Sequence Gate will be opened after triggers are activated sequentially. The trigger of red light is the one that needs to be activated at present, the white one means that it cannot be activated temporarily.
  • Reward Gate is a branch gate in the maze, which does not prevent you from reaching the End Point, but a lot of experience or maze stuff exist behind the reward gate. Opening the reward gate requires reward keys in the maze, it is generated randomly in the maze. Some reward gates need to find multiple keys to open.

Future Adventure Mode will add at least 5 new gates, each with more unique unlocking rules.

Treasure Mode

If the Adventure Mode is to find the End Point, then the Treasure Mode is to return to the Starting Point.

You need to start from the starting point, find and open treasure boxes around the maze, collect treasures, and bring them back to the Save Box at the Starting Point within the time limit. The treasures collected can be used to upgrade the maze.

The deeper you explore, the more treasures you will collect, but it is more difficult to get back to the Starting Point. Set aside some return time, remember the return route, don’t let your efforts in vain.

There are 4 types of boxes in the current version:

  • Ordinary Treasure Box only needs to be opened to get the treasure without special effect
  • Time Box will speed up the reduction of your remaining time within the affected are, open or avoid it as soon as possible.
  • Fog Box will produce thick fog in the affected area. Don’t lose your direction in the fog, otherwise it will become more difficult to get back to the Starting Point.
  • Great Box is an extra challenge box. Opening other boxes can get some box fragments. You can open the Great Box and get its rich treasure after collecting enough box fragments.

There will be at least 7 new special boxes for future Treasure Mode. Besides the treasure boxes with new area effects, there will also be treasure boxes with special unlocking methods or special reward rules.

Hard Mode

Each maze’s Hard Mode will be unlocked when it reaches the highest level. There are huge differences between the Hard Mode and the Normal Mode. This difference is not only a simple numerical change, but also a change in the rules of maze generation. The more complex overlapping gates will let you experience the feeling of being really lost in the maze.

Maps of Maze

The maps of MAZE are not simply generated randomly. I hope that the maps of MAZE have a certain aesthetic sense of structure and unique style of scenes, which are difficult to achieve by completely random generation. So the map has a fixed structure, and on this basis, I build scenes with special style, generates walls and gates blocking the path randomly, and finally generate triggers and collectibles.

The map style of MAZE is changeable, but it has the same pursuit:

You have seen it, but it is as shocking as the first sight.

The gates and triggers of MAZE are sorted out and adjusted on the basis of traditional puzzle game. Each type of gate is generated by a customized random algorithm. Therefore, the new type of gate is a brand new game mode.

There are 5 areas (2 areas have been opened in the current version) in MAZE, and each area corresponds to different maze design themes.

The 5 themes are as follows:

  • The theme of the initial area is the Color of Culture.
  • The theme of the green area is the Miracle of Nature.
  • The theme of the yellow area is the Symbols of Civilization.
  • The theme of the red area is the Tide of Punk.
  • The theme of the blue area is the Rhythm of Universe.

Gameplay Time

It may take 1-2 hours for each maze to reach the highest level. The current version expects that it will take 10-20 hours for all mazes to unlock and reach the highest level. The game is highly random, and if you continue to explore the Hard Mode of MAZE, the current version will proved about 30 hours of game content.

The game is expected to have 36 mazes, so the full version of the game will provide the expected 100-150 hours of game content. If you love the feeling of exploring in the maze, the game will last infinitely long.

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