Maneater Shark Levels – Teen, Adult, Elder, Mega

Teen, adult, elder, mega shark levels in Maneater are the different ages that you can unlock when you reach the appropriate level. Every Maneater Shark Level unlocks new abilities and ability upgrades, slowly turning you into the terror of the deep. The problem here is figuring out which level you need to be to become a teen, adult, elder, and mega shark, and what you have to do once you manage to reach the level cap. That’s exactly what we’ll be explaining in our Maneater Shark Levels – Teen, Adult, Elder, Mega guide.

Maneater Shark Levels Teen Adult Elder Mega
Maneater Shark Levels – Teen, Adult, Elder, Mega

How to Become Teen, Adult, Elder, Mega Shark in Maneater?

To become a teen, adult, elder, and mega shark in Maneater, you have to reach the appropriate level (more on that in a bit), then go back to your base, aka the grotto, in order to grow up. You level up by doing the main quest missions, side quests, getting collectibles, etc. When you begin the game, you’re a cute little pup shark, and need to grow fast to survive. So, let’s go over the level requirements for your different life stages, shall we?

The first step above pup shark is teen shark. To get to that level, you have to reach level 4, and then go back into the grotto, as we’ve already explained. When you become a teenager, you’ll also get the “Growing Up” achievement. The next step is adult shark, which you unlock on level 10. That grants the “On Your Own” trophy. From there, you next stepping stone is elder shark, for which you need to attain level 20. The achievement attached is called simply “Wiser.”

Last, but definitely not least, is mega shark. You have to be level 30 to become a mega shark, and that is the highest level cap you can reach in the game (at least, at the time of writing). Once you push to this point, you’ll also get the “Ocean Terror” achievement / trophy. You become the ultimate predator of the ocean, the monster that everyone fears. Granted, that means basically everyone and everything will be gunning to kill you, but that’s a whole different matter.

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