Maneater Golden Shores Collectible Locations – Landmarks, Licence Plates, Caches

Golden Shores is one of the maps in shark-piloting game Maneater. It’s filled to the brim with collectibles, much like all the other maps. There are thirty five of them in total – eight landmarks, seventeen nutrient caches and ten licence plates. As usual, most of them aren’t that hard to find, but there are a handful that are a real pain, either well hidden or easy to find but hard to reach. If you’re having trouble with any of them, this guide will show you all Maneater Golden Shores collectible locations.

golden shores collectible locations maneater
Maneater Golden Shores Collectible Locations – Landmarks, Licence Plates, Caches

Golden Shores landmarks

There are only eight landmarks in Golden Shores – a bit less than in most other areas. In order to collect them, you’ll have to break the signs that mark each location. You’ll find them marked with pins on the map above. Here’s what and where they are:

  • Ruined Weekend – A half-sunken truck carrying erectile dysfunction medication. You’ll find it in the southeastern corner of the map.
  • Anger Management – A golf cart next to a pile of broken golf clubs, found near the golf course, a bit northeast from the southwestern entrance.
  • In the Rough – An underwater hole on the golf course, west from the last one.
  • Day Drinkers – A bunch of sunken golf cars and coolers in the north.
  • So Happy – This one’s above the water level. A bunch of hockey stick next to a golf cart in the west.
  • Water Hazard – An enormous pile of golf balls in a pond south of the previous landmark.
  • Golf-Man – A statue made of golden golf clubs on the western edge of the map.
  • Tiger in The Woods (Or Vice Versa?) – A car that crashed into a billboard, in the southwestern corner of the area, next to the exit.

Licence plates in Golden Shores

There are ten licence plates in the area, and all will require you to jump out of the water in order to smash them. The more difficult ones take some planning – you have to take into account the angle at which you’re surfacing, as well as how much of a running start you can take. They’re marked by tiny licence plate icons on the map.

Golden Shores nutrient caches locations

There are seventeen nutrient caches in Golden Shores, which is a quite a bit compared to other areas. These underwater chests are adorned with red lights, so you won’t have trouble spotting them in the wild. If you look at the map, you’ll see they’re marked with a grey chest icon.

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