Mafia: Definitive Edition – Freeride Missions Guide (Locations & Tips on How to Pass Them)

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Guide for those, who can’t find the free ride missions starting points or have a hard time getting through, I made some screenshots of locations and gave some tips on how to pass it. Please note that these could be considered spoilers and you should really use it only if necessary to not ruin your experience, especially the fun and curiosity that these missions offer you.

If you find better way to finish the missions or some mistake in this guide, please let me know, I will add it with your credits. I can also add pictures of the rewards if there is interest. Also please excuse my Paint skills with the maps, i didn’t want to try it hard too much 😀

General Information

Every mission has a letter associated with it, which you can find somewhere inside Salieri’s bar. Once you at least start a mission, you can teleport to it by pressing F next to its letter (your last used car goes with you). The mission always starts with a call in a phone booth, which you have to find by the clues in the letter. There are totally 12 missions tied to letters rewarding a vehicle, a gun or an outfit.

You have to read the letters in Salieri’s bar, or else the phone booths won’t activate.

You need to complete the Crazy Horse mission to unlock the first ten, then those to unlock the final twelfth mission.

The police is DISABLED when you play these missions.

I played every mission on Classic difficulty only.

I suggest going for the Golden Revolver and Golden Thompson missions first, they are not hard and these guns can greatly help you in other missions.

Edit: I found new 12th mission going around the Salieri’s bar, it unlocks after completing the previous 11, its letter is in Salieri’s office, on the table. I added it into the guide and fixed some info.

Crazy Horse @ Little Italy, Most Westerlly Spot

You need to complete this mission to unlock the rest. You have enough time to do this, don’t try going fast everywhere. Get in the car and just follow the minimap, you have to get to Holbrook WITHOUT CRASHING (you can hit pedestrians though),so take your time (I finished with over minute spare). Don’t accelerate when you turn, but try going as fast as possible on long straight roads, best on trolley (tram) tracks in Little Italy and downhill in Holbrook, also manageable in the tunnel and on the Giuliani Bridge. Use horn (press T) to get cars out of your way.

Smith Moray @ Holbrook, Near Salieri’s Warehouse

Task of this mission is to get Betty to the Works Quarter. But she is a little bit broken. Game does not tell you exactly how – there is a problem probably with a gas tank and you lose gas quickly. So the point here is to visit gas stations, 2 are enough (check the map below). In order to save as much gas as you can, I got the car to ~60 mph and then let off the gas (you don’t lose gas when you don’t accelerate), best to get the speed downhill and then let off the pedal till you have to turn somewhere, then accelerate again. Your enemies are not only time, but also traffic and parking (yes, parking – parking at gas station and then at the delivery point – you need to park exactly into the rectangle to be able to fill the gas (with F) and then to end the mission (I know what I am talking about).

Mutagen @ Fyer Dam Power Station

This is a basic checkpoint race (every checkpoint is a bubble and you need to hit it with some part of the vehicle). You gain time every time you pass a checkpoint, so even if you make a mistake or crash, you still can make up for it. Slightly let off gas in turns and off road or you can spin out. There are also 3 ramps, but only first and second have to be used to jump and pass a checkpoint, third is a BAIT and you actually miss the checkpoint if you use it (instead pass the ramp from the right side). There are also some other jumps off road and through a building. If you roll on the roof, you can get back on wheels by pressing F. The final checkpoint is a parking rectangle spot, in which you need to stop perfectly. I made a map showing the directions and jumps.

Brubaker (Race Car) @ Oakwood, Near Tennis Courts / Cemetery

All you need to do here is to exchange race cars. And fight with time. And traffic. I found out there is a lot of time for the first 3 cars, but the last one, which you have to deliver back to the starting point, will be a close one (I had 2 seconds left without a crash).

There are 4 race cars:

  • Oakwood cemetery.
  • Beech Hill McCloud Mansion.
  • house near Fyer lake.
  • Chinatown near the Terranova bridge.

I think that race cars have great handling and drift really well, but that also depends on your driving skills, so you can make nice turns in deep corners. When you see an oncoming car, start honking (press T) – they will go on the side of the road most of the time (they are the biggest pain in this mission). When you approach a new race car, focus on getting the one you came with on the cart (ramp) as fast as you can – that means park it directly facing the cart and with a little bit of space so that you can drive the other one off it. The timer sets a new time when you park the old car and press E (I think it is a little bit bugged out and you need to press it twice).

Waybar (Motorcycle) @ Hoboken / Downtown Near Carlo’s Appartement

Another checkpoint race, but now on a motorbike. You will go mostly through alleys, paths and stairs, but also on a straight road (that’s where you can build up most of the time if needed). I think that you can’t really run out of time here, so take your time (as always). Use HORN (press T) so that pedestrians get out of your way, because they can spin you out if you hit them. There is also one ramp which you have to use – get some speed, get pedestrians out of the way and it should be fine. Again the last checkpoint is parking.

Golden Revolver @ Works Quarter Docks

This mission’s task is to defend a car that needs to pass through the docks. Start by sprinting towards the marked crane, climb up by ladders and pick up the sniper rifle. The car that you need to defend stops on the bridge, don’t worry as much about its health. Enemies will start coming in the yard, firstly 4 with 2 snipers covering in the back. After a little time, more (around 8) run in. Try using the explosive barrels when they are grouped. When there are like 2 enemies left, go down the crane and kill them from the bridge. Follow the car, it will park in the corner. Now enemies come from the bridge from which you came. Kill as much as you can till you see a blue car coming. Now you have to focus on killing the driver or destroying the car, because if you let it get to your car, it will blow up and fail the mission. If you succeed, some more enemies come in the yard, kill them and you will finish the mission.

Golden Thompson @ Central Island Parking Garage

Get in the green Culver, you will get a golden Thompson with 75 rounds magazine. The end of the mission is in Holbrook, but don’t worry about anything other than your health, your car is basically a tank and the driver must be Lichtenberg’s cousin. The mission is to defend your car till you get there. You can recognise the pursuers because they will drive the same car as you do. As in all car chases, you need to focus on killing the driver, then they are out of play. Peek out and shoot till your screen goes darker because you are low on health, let it regenerate and repeat.

Clown Outfit + Golden Shotgun @ Downtown, West of the Giorgi’s Diner

Before the mission starts, make sure you have a good car and your weapons of choice (I would take Golden Revolver and Golden Thompson). First thing is to get to the bank – that’s why the fast car. When you get there, expect a lot of enemies. So you find yourself in a bank lobby, there are few policemen, you need to get into tellers, which can be accessed by a door in front of you, so you have to kill only 2-3 of them on your floor. Now head into the basement. There will be policemen basically behind every cover, so try killing them from a distance and check every corner till you get to the vault (on the left side is also a medkit, ammo crate and on the right will be a molotov crate). There will be a clown, whom you have to kill (no more HP than other NPC or something similar). When he dies, he drops a golden shotgun, which will unlock for use when you pick it up. Now you have to take the body (press Y) and take it outside. When you will be going back through the long corridor basement, somewhere in the middle the policemen start screaming – now drop the body and go in cover. These policemen have better weapons, but it is not hard to kill them. After you kill all of them here, take the body and follow the marks till you get outside to the car (no more enemies coming). Mission end.

Boxer Outfit @ North Park, Near Pepe’s Restaurant

There are 3 cars that must be destroyed in the water. The main trick here is that if you drive in the water, the car gets destroyed but you get teleported back on the ground (unlike in the original where you had to use a neutral or other car to push it in). After you destroy a car, quickly try finding anything to drive yourself to the next one. I found two spots for this trick – first is a small ramp next to Lucas Bertone leading into the river (I would say it is actually there for this purpose, why else?). Use this for the first car. Second is a Giorgi’s Diner in Downtown where you go on a mission called You Lucky Bastard (Rainbow Garden in original), here you will have to get high speed on the straight road and then jump off to the sea in the part where stairs lead down to the beach (small gap where car fits almost perfectly, so you have to be precise). I did the other two cars here.

Fly the second and third car through this gap.

Empty circles are cars, full are drop points. Put red to red and blue to blue.

Mechanic Outfit @ Chinatown, Near the Gas Station

I first thought that this mission was bugged and the hardest part was to find out how to get into the bus. In this mission, you have to take over the bus and drive 5 minutes without going under 30 mph. So before the mission, take a fast car so you can catch up with the bus (I used Eckhart Elite, caught up on Terranova Bridge), because you have only limited time to catch the bus, then it will crash (check the map). To take over the bus, you need to line yourself with the bus from the left side, if you do it correctly you will see a prompt to press F to get into the bus. You will get teleported in the bus and now you just have to stay driving over 30 mph. Fortunately devs didn’t make it the same as in the original, where you would blow up instantly if you drop below 30 mph. Instead, there will be 5 seconds time in which you have to get back above it. I suggest going around 35 mph, 45 when approaching a hill. I took a tour around the city by the main roads from Terranova Bridge around the North Park, then go by Giuliani Bridge, through the Central Island on the West Harbor Bridge, turn right at the first junction to go to Little Italy and you should be ending in it or if you have more time, in the West River Tunnel (Check the map).

You have to take over the bus somewhere on the black road or else it will crash.

Alien Outfit @ Works Quarter, Trolley Station at the Night

This is in my opinion the hardest, but also best mission. Firstly, you need to change the time to a night. To do this, head into Salieri’s bar, then into the main meeting room of the family. There are pictures on the wall, each representing some time of the day, choose the most right one. Then get good guns (both primary and secondary, I got a Golden Thompson and Golden Revolver – 2 shot kill) and a faster car which doesn’t drift that much, because roads are wet (I liked Eckhart Elite) WITH FULL GAS TANK (I failed once because i ran out of gas).

Now in this mission, you need to follow a UFO that kidnaps people. You won’t fail the mission if you lose the sight on them, but when they successfully kidnap a person. When a person is being kidnaped, the UFO stops and gets marked by a mission marker. At this point the UFO starts sucking in the person and you have to shoot at the ship, not the human (one shot with a secondary weapon from a car is enough). So the main idea is not to follow the ship, but get to the point where they start kidnaping as fast as you can.

There are 5 spots, all marked on the map below (also contains the suggester road):

  • Works Quarter, where you start.
  • Central Island, near the theater.
  • Downtown, near the church.
  • Beech Hill, middle T-junction.
  • Lighthouse at the south-east cliff.

After each time you get to the spot, mark the next one on the map and head there following the minimap. When going to Central Island, the West Harbor bridge is up and you have to jump on it and that can lead to awkward crash, so rather slow down a bit. When you are going to Downtown, use Marshall bridge (there is no way to come here before the UFO, the person should be halfway in the air when you get there. You should use the new dirt road between Oakwood and Beech Hill, otherwise you may not get there in time. There is no kidnapping at the Lighthouse, but you will have to fight your way through guys with an alien mask, that’s where you need good weapons. There is a 5 minute timer that starts when UFO begins getting energy from the Lighthouse, but it is enough (you will probably finish with 1-2 minutes left, that means that you don’t have to rush this). Don’t forget that there are no checkpoints, so dying means starting back at the trolley station. So when you get there, use your car as cover and kill the first few enemies (I think 6, they hide behind crates). Then continue heading to the lighthouse, but watch out for thugs hiding in bushes, you can’t see them but they can see you. Cover yourself behind the parked car on the small hill. Try aiming through the bushes to see if your crosshair turns red then shoot (one is one the right, one on the left and maybe one comes in). After you kill them, go left around the wooden house, there will be 2 more enemies till you see the generator, destroy it by shooting the barrels. After you do this, turn around, 2 or 3 more enemies coming, kill them and look up, shoot the ship once and you win.

Herbert Baskerville Outfit @ Little Italy, Near Salieri’s Bar

This mission unlocks after you complete the previous 11.

Again, get yourself a fast car, something that can go over 100 mph, and good guns. Task is just to kill a man. He starts escaping in a car, heading towards North County Marina by the western main countryside road. Don’t try killing him, just follow him. When you get to the marina, he will go hide inside the house.

There will be 8 enemies plus him. It is very easy to kill them all with the Golden Revolver, after you do so the mission ends and with it all of the freeride missions.

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