Mafia: Definitive Edition – All Super Science Stories Locations (Pulp Magazines)

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Super Science Stories Collectibles Locations

1) The Day Of The Comet/The Thought-Woman

The magazine is inside Ralphie’s garage in Salieri’s Bar in Little Italy.

2) We Guard The Black Planet/The Revolt Of The Machine Men

The magazine is on top of the Overlook on the south side of Heaven’s Peak.

3) The Earth Killers

The magazine is under a gazebo on the northeast side of the map at the “Discovered Haven” Gentlemen’s Club.

4) Minus Danger!/Minion Of Chaos

The magazine is in a small alley to the left of Saleri’s warehouse in Holbrook.

5) Wreckers Of The Star Patrol

The magazine is on the pier that is on the south side of Lake Fyer.

6) The Death Crystal

The magazine is by the bench by the lighthouse on the most southeast part of the map.

7) Mission Unknown

The magazine is by an outhouse at an abandoned farm at the west exit from the city.

8) Genus Homo

The magazine is on a bench on the northwest side of Central Island (above the West River Tunnel exit).

9) Rogue Ship/Outcast Of The Stars

The magazine is on a small pier close to the Lost Haven Queen on the southwest side of Central Island.

10) Cepheid Planet

The magazine is by a pier on the east side of Central Island.

11) The Cross Of Mercux/The Wicked People

The magazine is on the second floor of a small parking lot in Downtown.

12) The Black Sun Rises/The Silence

The magazine is inside a loading bay in the center of North Park.

13) Collision Course

The magazine is by a bin on the smaller island of Robinson Park.

14) The Brain Beast/Changeling

The magazine is in on the first floor at the yard in the Service Station in the “Better Get Used To It” mission.

15) Aerita Of The Light Country

The magazine is in the break room at the airport during the “Omerta” mission.

16) Prisoner Of Time/The Missing Day

The magazine is on a beach chair by the pool in the garden of the prosecutor’s mansion in the “Visiting Rich People” mission.

17) Half-Past Eternity/Vengence, Unlimited

The magazine is in the kitchen of Pepe’s Restaurant in the “Bon Appetit” mission.

18) Tumithak Of The Towers Of Fire/Lost Legion

The magazine is on the second floor of the boat, in the kitchen in the “Happy Birthday” mission.

19) Invisible One

The magazine is on a desk in the warehouse in the federal customs impound in the “Just For Relaxation” mission.

20) Legion Of The Dark

The magazine is on the first floor of the art gallery in the “The Death of Art” mission.

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