Mafia: Definitive Edition – All Gangsters Monthly Locations (Pulp Magazines)

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Gangsters Monthly Collectibles Locations

1) All Saint’s Day Massacre

The magazine is by a shed on the north side of Works Quarter (you need to pass a parking lot to get here).

2) The Hanoi Hangman

The magazine is by the water close to the Terranova Bridge.

3) The Mafia Three

The magazine is on the roof of a petrol station in North Park.

To get there, you need to get a fast car and use this ramp to get there.

4) Jimmy’s Vendetta

The magazine is by the east side of the prison on the north side of Central Island.

5) The Racing Racketeer

The magazine is in an alleyway behind Big Biff’s in Chinatown.

6) An Offer You Can’t Refuse

The magazine is on a table on the balcony of the second floor of Clarke’s Motel in the “Ordinary Routine” mission.

7) Sarah: Moll On A Mission

The magazine is in the bathroom in room 210 of the Corleone Hotel in the “The Saint And The Sinner” mission.

8) A Trip To The Country

The magazine is on a chair in the basement of the Bank at the end of the “Omerta” mission.

9) Steam Boys

The magazine is in a train car at the harbour in the “You Lucky Bastard” mission.

10) Moonlighting

The magazine is on the highest floor of Paulie’s apartment building in the “The Death of Art” mission.

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