Lumberjack's Dynasty – Watermill


First of all, it is necessary to repair the entire Processing Company.

After the repair, you can start throwing felled trees into the water, which are then caught by the device and moved by means of a conveyor to the saw where the trunk is stripped of bark.

Furthermore, right behind the saw, you can use the red box to decide whether you want to send the logs to the storage space at the back or send them down to the cutter and have them cut into pallets.

The pallets will come out at the back where you can pick them up with a lizard and put them in the dryer.

The drier the wood, the higher the value.

You can use the pallets either for drying or for construction and repairs.

With the help of a chipboard siding, you can pick it up in a given place under the hopper and then you can sell it or bring it back to the production of chipboard and then use or sell it again.

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