Luigi’s Mansion 3: All 8F Gem Locations – Collected All Paranormal Productions Gems

On the eighth floor of the Last Resort you will find an area called Paranormal Productions. As the name suggests this area is all about film making. Like every other floor in this hotel there are gems to find. If you want to find all the Paranormal Productions Gems you’ve come to the right place. Check out our All 8F Gem locations guide below.

Purple Gem Location: Helicopter in Elevator Hall

Image showing the Purple Gem Location Helicopter in Elevator Hall.

As soon as you get off the elevator you will notice a red helicopter suspended in the air on the left side of the room. Go under the helicopter and use your vacuum to pull it down. At the bottom its door will open and the Purple Gem will pop out.

Red Gem Location: Beneath Carpet in Studio Entrance

Image showing the Red Gem Location  Beneath Carpet in Studio Entrance .

In the Studio Entrance you will notice a large rug on the left side of the room. This rug can be rolled up from the lower left corner using your vacuum. Roll up the carpet to reveal the Red Gem.

Yellow Gem Location: Secret Compartment in Studio Entrance

Image showing the Yellow Gem Location Secret Compartment in Studio Entrance.

There is another gem in the Studio Entrance only this time its on the right side of the room. On the front the desk there is a film reel you can suck up. Spin the reel and a hidden compartment will appear with the Yellow Gem. Send Gooigi behind the desk to collect it.

Green Gem Location: In Bottle in Studio 4

Image showing the Green Gem Location In Bottle in Studio 4.

Head into the Backstage area and make your way to the left side of the room. Here you will find the entrance to Studio 4. Go inside Studio 4 and make you way onto the set. Here you will see a Giant Bottle with the Green Gem inside. Send in Gooigi to get the gem.

White Gem Location: ET Easter Egg in Studio 3

Image showing the White Gem Location ET Easter Egg in Studio 3.

On the set of Studio 3 you will notice an ET reference in the corner of the set (bundle on bike). Pull the corner of the bundle with your vacuum suck to make a ghost appear. Defeat the ghost to get a White Gem.

Blue Gem Location: Frozen Block on Rafters Backstage

Image showing the location of the Blue Gem

Once you’ve lit the torch make your way to the Backstage area and send Luigi up on the man lift in the upper left corner of the room. Walk along the rafters and grab the frozen block which has the gem in it. Take the Blue Gem to the lit torch and melt it to get the gem.

Collecting all six of the gems listed above unlocks the Collected All Paranormal Productions Gems achievement. Collect all the achievements if you wish to go for 100% completion.

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