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“Infested are not Rhogar. Not yet.”

  1. The Sick
    “It is in me. And it is changing me. My skull… the bones are moving. Growing. It does not feel like poison in my veins. More like liquid darkness. We have seen with others what happens next. Eyesight goes first. Then follows sanity. Brother William, Brother Peter and I won’t let the disease take us. We will choose death before it chooses us.”
  2. The Guard
    “These things keep coming. We fight back, but… there are too many of them. It is sickening to see them move. Their limbs twist and turn in ways they’re not supposed to. And their smell… it is like fire and death are creeping up your nose. One of the creatures we were fighting spat on us. The saliva hit my eye. It burned. And it burns deeper into me…”

The Rhogar

“The Rhogar live to die in battle.”

  1. Villager Notes
    “We can’t stand against such forces much longer. We must find a place to hide. A place with walls and soldiers. Mighty Antanas, we will be on our way. Please prepare for a few dozen refugees.”
  2. Monk Notes
    “Dear father. The fires on the horizon, they are spreading towards our village. I beg you… Be careful. Something evil is happening, I can feel that. You can always seek refuge here, in the Monastery. Whatever happens, Antanas can save us. Please… Please be safe…”
  3. Guard Notes
    “This is getting out of hand. The villagers gather in front of the monastery and demand sanctuary. We can’t let any more in. We will starve to death. Antanas ordered us to close the gate, and I understand his reasons, but… These are people… He’s supposed to be the savior!”

Night Watch

“More soldiers will arrive on signal.”

  1. Fourth Night
    “This is my fourth night on watch. The first three have been quiet, except for the rumors that spread among us. Rumors about the Rhogar. They are nowhere to be seen, but there’s a glow on the horizon. The villages are burning. And the fire may creep closer. I don’t think it will be quiet much longer…”
  2. Sixth Night
    “This is my sixth night on watch. The fires on the horizon have burnt out. An all encompassing silence has fallen. Maybe the Rhogar have retreated. I hope the villagers can return to their homes soon…”
  3. Ninth Night
    “Ninth night on watch. How could the Rhogar get insaid the sacred walls of Keystone? The appeared out of nowhere. The graveyard is swarming with them. I need to alert the others.”
  4. Last Night
    “I must reach the signal tower on the other side of the graveyard. It’s suicide, but… But I have no other choice. This is our only hope for help… It there is still a place help can come from.”

Tales of Old

“One tale holds three rewards”

  1. Three Heroes
    “Soon after banishing the god, the three men that were now known as the Judges parted ways forever. Apart from their common goal, they were different in every possible way. Three statues were built for them on the Square of the Judges, displaying the distinct paths they had taken. These statues hold a secret as if it were their heart. But it is retained by the stone. Only the Shard of Heroes could make that heart beat, and only an unearthly force could tear it out.”
  2. Kyle’s Grave
    “The graveyard has been plundered. The most damage is around the grave of this murderer… ‘The Skinner’. Was it the work of a thief or has the murderer risen form his grave? Nobody believes me, but this cursed soul needs to be put to rest.”
  3. Kyle’s Sword
    “This sword must be cursed. Found it in a grave I plundered a few nughts ago, the garve of some ‘Kyle Ember’, I think. When I held it, I felt weak. I felt… sick. But to sword itself… it’s incredible! Whoever finds it: leave it be. It is too dangerous.”
  4. Crafter’s Pet
    “Swords are made for mortals. But this sword… It is something else. If I only imbue these runes on it… This sword will be fit for gods.”
  5. Sven’s Hammer
    “This beast seems to have more instinct than mind. It only wants to kill. A few weeks ago I found a hammer that it seems to fear… The weapon must be imbued with some magic that I don’t understand. If such a beast fears it, I have every reason to fear it, too. Better to lock it up in cell 11 to keep it safe.”
  6. Troublemakers
    “We found those two fighting in the rain, calling each other murderers. We didn’t have time to investigate, we imprisoned both of them just in case. Even if none of them is a murderer, both are loud troublemakers.”
  7. Troublemaker
    “Yes… Alright, yes… I have to confess that I have made a mistake. Yes, I have stolen something. Not out of necessity, but out of greed. I was not starving and I was not dying. I just wanted it, because… I-I wanted it. But is that enough to imprison me like that? They think of evil as an absolute. Anything evil is pure evil. Am I evil just for stealing?”

Grim Places

“Each fight has special reward.”

  1. Fancy Looks
    “Mighty Antanas. I found track of a Rhogar Lord that was once known for his preoccupance with the physical shell(form), and his shield being no less than a weaponry masterpiece. That’s most peculiar, as I would have never suspected Rhogar care for it. No wonder he had the most dedicated followers in all the battles he commanded.”
  2. Grim Graves
    “Graves need to be tended and never forgotten. Gladly will I care for the dead until the day I join them. Should I ever feel insecure, I know that I can retreat into one of the graveyard’s sacred shrines. They will shield me off form evil, for they were built at the time when Keystone was erected… to repel creatures from other worlds, lest they want to come close to our buried heroes.”
  3. Cruel Species
    “Mighty Antanas. I just came across an ancient message depicting what might be the most daring creation of the Rhogar. Bigger than all the Lords, it has an odd number of limbs and its twisted flesh is mixed with weapons. And it said something about immunity or healing.”
  4. Bind Fury
    “The locked and hidden part of the Catacombs could be holding more than secrets and sins we are aware of. One of the Rhogar Lords leading the raid on Keystone has been spotted inside. He killed many of our soldiers before they even recognized the danger. All we know so far is that he somehow feeds on our rage. Let us feed on his.”
  5. Vicious Poison
    “I have seen prisoners dragged into the pit. Then we released the monster. It tore them apart and covered their broken bodies with green stomach acid. They screamed. Feron and I, we’re not easily shocked. But when we saw this… we both vomited. However this beast was created… It’s deadly, it’s wrong, and I don’t know why we let something like this exist.”
  6. Wild Fire
    “Mighty Antanas. There must be a Rhogar Lord that bears the power of fire in his arsenal. He uses two barbaric greatswords with so much ease that there must be an elemental force aiding him. He probably would be much less a threat without it.”
  7. Lost Memories
    “Mighty Antanas. There must be something that has been keeping people from finding a way inside the hand of fallen Adyr for so long. All the tales of people who have been in this chamber have something in common… they were shocked by something.”


Our New Home

“Keystone holds everything together.”

  1. Keystone
    “When much blood has been spilled, the veil between worlds gets thinner. It may even rip. Then worlds collide. Keystone has been built to prevent that from happening. It is not just a monument of the battle itself. The monastery is a lock, and as long as it stands we are safe.”
  2. Deep Down
    “My workers have started rebuilding the foundations of the west wing. We thought we knew our monastery inside out. Yes, it contains many secrets, but something like this? We discovered corridors deep in the ground. It looks nothing like the monastery as we know it. Must have been built on something that’s much older. Maybe even older than the Judge stories.”
  3. End of the Line
    “We didn’t finish the work in the side corridors. The ceiling collapsed. We were told to leave it alone, as it makes a good shortcut. From the main catacombs entrance – keep heading left. Eventually you will reach the hole in the wall. This might be the shortest way right now.”


“Temple is between dimensions”

  1. Temple
    “When the Judges banished the god, the Rhogar disappeared, together with the whole Temple. People say that sometimes, when you visit the Hand of God Mountains, you can see a mirage of the Temple… Could it be that, they somehow got… sucked into another dimension of some sorts?”
  2. Shards
    “Shards… They form wherever there’s a rift. The matter of both dimensions clashes and crystallizes in this incredible form, full of power. Some bigger rifts… they form broken shards so big and heavy. And it’s impossible to move them. Who knows what power they hold…”
  3. Runes
    “Clearly the runes are like ghosts that travel between the dimensions. (but)They form links between them and transport powers from one dimension to another. A rune can bestow incredible power on the simplest of objects. But I must be careful, handling runes is dangerous…”
  4. Rifts
    “I was just a matter of time before the space between dimensions tore apart. Threads of energy collide in time and space. Strong ones form links between dimensions. Most rifts are just unaccesible sources of energy, but others are tears… They become the pathways. Some appear like a whirlwind, like a storm that only a lunatic would enter. I have not traveled through a pathway myself, but some say that when you do it changes you… “
  5. My Treasure
    “It took hundreds of years for me to make it. It took minutes for the Rhogar to take it away. My chrystal of travels. My biggest treasure and my biggest loss. It grew so powerful… What journeys might the Rhogar seek… What journeys will the Rhogar find…”

Old Religion

“Adyr’s followers are hiding.”

  1. Ultimate Sin
    “The gods domain shall not be touched. This has been known for eons. How could they start a rebellion against Adyr? Before this fire could be extinguished, it spread. It became an uprising against a God. The ultimate sin.”
  2. Prayers
    “These heretics known as Judges thought they would succeed. The good people prayed though, they prayed with their priests day and night. And Adyr heard them. He sent forth the Lords to end the uprising and to lead the herd back into his loving arms.”
  3. Fire in the Sky
    “The sky lit in flames and night became day. But it was the day of ruin, because the fire in the sky fell and scorched the earth that had sinned. The heretics who defied Adyr erupted in these very flames, and the fire knew no mercy. It rolled forward.”
  4. God’s Wrath
    “So it came that the Lords walked the earth, sent forth by Adyr himself. However they were not greeted in humility but fought by heretics. The most beautiful creatures of our god were attacked, even slain. When Adyr saw what the people had done, he was angry with all mankind.”
  5. Prepare to Die
    “Without Adyr, the heretics roam freely. I can hear them. They enjoy their victory, and they are not finished. Blood of god’s desciples flow in the streets. They expect us to be afraid, but we are ready to die alongside our god. Who would want to live in a world without a god?”

New Religion

“Adyr’s actions reflects human’s”

  1. The Judges
    “So it came to pass – after an eternity of slavery, three proud men defied Adyr, our god. They believed in a new sense of right and wrong. They taught us how to live as free men and woman. People called them the Judges.”
  2. The Lords
    “The Lords came to crush the rebellion. There were no more believers or unbelievers – there was only death. But the Judges held their ground. They cried freedom. And Adyr’s rage grew.”
  3. The War
    “As the fire came down, the Judges didn’t hesitate. They faced the Lords of the god. We hid in fear. But they stood and waged battle. When we came out of hiding, the world was a burning husk – but we were still alive. And we knew who had saved us.”
  4. The Triumph
    “The three judges defeated the last of the Lords, filling Adyr with helpless fury. He was desperate. So he came to the battlefield himself. It was in that moment that the bastard god was defeated. Humanity triumphed!”
  5. Prepare to Live
    “The Ancient Temple is gone. That’s for the best. The Rhogar are gone as well and the god is no more. A new era has begun – the time of the Judges. We will build temples to honour the Judges that freed this world.”



“Killing sinners is against law”

  1. Second Chance
    “Honorable Antanas, this time I must object. Letting the criminals from their cells to fight Rhogar? These bastards will sooner cut our throats that fight the demons. With all respect, aren’t the Rhogar dangerous enough? Do we need another threat to fend off?”
  2. Care
    “Some people say we punish too harshly. I say it’s not even enough. We are still much too forgiving. Whoever commits a crime should be killed right away. After ANY crime. We’d be rid of all the sinners and would live in eternal peace. But instead we put them away. In here. And I’m the one who has to take care of them. Care. That’s the last thing they deserve.”
  3. The Branded
    “Before imprisonment, every criminal is branded. The tattoo on his face shows everyone his sins. Even if someone manages to escape from prison, he won’t escape from his own face.”
  4. Politicals
    “They brought another man in here yesterday. He was plotting against Antanas. Curse him and his family. I can sit here with murderers and thieves, but I just hate these… political activists.”

After the War

“Humanity was torn over religion”

  1. New Disciple
    “After the war we buried our dead and mourned them. We were battered and beaten, and it took its toll on us. But it was also a new beginning. The Judges showed us the path. As their heirs it is our duty to rebuild this society. I will gladly accept the burden of becoming the new Judge, a guardian of humanity.”
  2. Judge Disciple
    “In the names of the Judges we will make this world whole again, without the influence of Adyr. It will be a life free from devine oppression. By this we will honor those who died in the fight that freed us from Adyr.”
  3. Old Priest
    “They are like children. They think they freed themselves from the shakles of oppression. But they are nothing more than lost souls. Every single one of them. Soon they will realize they are alone… that they are helpless. They will be lying in the streets, wishing Adyr was still here to take care of them.”
  4. Angry Priest
    “There is one heresy that can never be forgiven and taht is defying your true god. This sin is eternal and will haunt generations to come. Our children and their children will curse us… For they are the ones who will continue to suffer because of our grave mistakes.”
  5. The Rebel
    “The war is won! This will shape history. Man killed a god. Adyr will not interfere with our fate anymore. His priests, of their idol defeated, they’ve disappeared into the shadows. Like cockroaches when you lift a stone from the ground. Now it is up to us to smash these very stones on their heads. Our time has come.”

Lords of the Fallen

“Lords tactics change during fight”

  1. Their Purpose
    “What exactly were the Lords? They wielded power beyond our understanding. They fought fiercely and they blindly followed the god. Anyone who tried to talk to them, reason with them… failed. The Lords did not come fro discussion. They came to serve their purpose, to lead the Rhogar army against the humans.
  2. Their Image
    “Adyr knows what is good for us… He may send Rhogar. Obey them. He may send Lords. Listen to them, be grateful for their guidance. They know. You do not.”

The Plot

“Do all religions spawn politics?”

  1. Join Me
    “My brothers: As much as I want to, I cannot see Antanas as our spiritual leader anymore. Proclaiming principles and honor, his influence seems limitless, and limits are what he needs. He is determined to fight until the end, and even if this battle is our fate, I cannot condone what he does. Does he not see the humanity in others? Does he really heal them? I think not. Join me and share your doubts.”
  2. Point Three
    “My fellows: As much as I appreciate our common understanding that something needs to be done. I cannot fully support this manifest. Especially point three is questionable. How could the Rhogar help us restoring peace if they do not even talk to us? How could we be sure to use them in our cause? We all want to see Antanas gone. True. But more bloodshed in whoever’s name? This cannot be the way.”
  3. Dirty Work
    “My friends. Perhaps we can make use of the Rhogar to win against Antanas. If we let them in, Antanas will fall and we will be able to rebuild on the ashes. We only need an individual who could pave the way for the Rhogar… And they would do the dirty work for us…”

Book of Justice

“The Book was written in stone”

  1. Trinity
    “Book of Justice 3. 14. A prist of Adyr. A swordsmen of the West. And a nameless thief. Their past was erased the day they stood up against their god, and their sins forgiven for eternity. The thief now gave instead of taking. The soldier healed instead of slaying. And the priest proclaimed the new religion.”
  2. Hand
    “Book of Justice Chapter 3, Verse 15. Wrath and fury rained, but the three blessed men stood their ground. And lo! They took the head of the first Lord. They took the eyes of the second. And when they took the heart of the third, the anger of the High one knew no bounds. And so he came down with rage in his heart, and he fell into the canyon of darkness. Men beheld that he was overthrown. He raised his hand one last time but it froze to stone.”
  3. Books of Law
    “Book of Justice, Chapter 3, Verse 16. And so it was done. Joy was in the world again, for the god was gone, and the otherworldly realm banished with spell and stone. A monastery was built: Keystone. To seal the portals, and to watch for eternity. And so it came that the Judges wrote the Books of Law, the foundations of the fellowship to come.”
  4. Father
    “Book of Justice, Chapter 2, Verse 8. Lo! It was the time to speak up. The time for people to demand their rights. Adyr saw and was enraged. A man called Father spoke “Bless them as words.”… That people should take fate in their own hands. Adyr heard. And Adyr killed. Father was slain by the god’s wrath. Seeing this, the mouths of men were sealed no more. And they would never be silent again.”
  5. Revenge
    “Book of Justice, Chapter 2, Verse 10. And so Adyr sent forth his army: The Rhogar. And alas, they had no hearts. They knew no mercy. They fulfilled the wish of the High one, and that was to take revenge against humans for exorcising free will. But the sheep did not run back to their sheds. Three of the sheep became wolves, challenging the Rhogar, so that Adyr sent forth his Lords.”


The Research

“Antanas believes in exorcisms”

  1. Books
    “These books are not just myth, Ingvar. They exist. I’ve seen them myself. Last week Antanas brought them to the monastery under cover of darkness and would not allow any of us to even touch them. These must be the scriptures we have spoken of so many times… the keys that unlock the pathway to other worlds. This is good. We will be safe now.”
  2. Purification
    “Antanas is powerful beyond anything I have ever witnessed. He is determined to free this world of evil. He has succeeded in pulling demons out of the bodies of the possessed. Could it be the beginning of an end of evil?”
  3. Doubts
    “Of course, it is a good thing when the evil is eliminated from a person. Evil is gone. But… what remains of the person is… different. We need to look closer, and personally, I don’t know how to treat these people. They seem to behave normally. They walk, talk, but in some way they just seem… unreal.”

My Vow

“Antanas fought evil with evil”

  1. I Swear to Her
    “Berinon is growing up so fast. I have heard him say his first words, and he has already begun to walk. He enjoys it. He’s laughing with every step. It hurts to look into his eyes, for they are his mother’s. Sometimes if feels like she is still here… in him. And looking at me. But it’s just my imagination. She is gone. Taken by an evil that will have no place in this world anymore. I will see to it.”
  2. I Swear to Him
    “How could I have let this happen… First his mother… then my Berinon… The anger I feel is relentless. It burns in my heart, brighter with every passing day. Where did it come from, this rage? Did I enter the world with it? Or are demons possessing me? But I have the strength to endure this. I will banish all evil.”

Dark Deeds

“Mutants are stronger than Lords”

  1. More than Human
    “They will come. I know they will. I know what will happen. I will do what needs to be done. Men are not strong enough to oppose them. So we need… more than men. My elixirs are improving, the beasts are getting stronger. Their will is hard to control, maybe impossible. But when everything else fails, what other choice will we have?”
  2. Mutations
    “Evil lives in this world. I have to accept it. There is no way to really drive it away. The only thing I can do is channel it into new forms. Mutations. They may be our future. Many people will not like this. But they need to see that the alternative is not having a future at all…”
  3. The Subjects
    “Today I was ordered to carry two monks down to the catacombs. They were kicking and screaming, cursing the name of Mighty Antanas. I don’t know what awaits them in the darkness.”
  4. The Results
    “These monks… They did not deserve this! They were given some kind of elixir and… It changed them. First they screamed in agony and fell down, motionless. Then… Then they started to grow. One engulfed in fire, second surrounded by lightnings… I ran from there. I could not watch.”

The Traveller

“Crafting joins the dimensions”

  1. Time
    “What is time? A blink of an eye and eternity in equal amounts. I have been everywhere and seen everything. Looking at the shimmering surface of the runes, my mind seems to explode into a million shards. Ah… They invite me to play, to play with time itself. Should I follow their call, I wonder…”
  2. Chaos
    “In the beginning it hurt to travel between the dimensions. Ohh, the pain – it was unbearable. But it gets better. So much better. Why stay in one place, when all of time and space is wide open? I saw the chaos that binds everything and it is unlike anything else in the world.”
  3. Trapped
    “The journey left me stranded. Old temples, existing forever. Forbidden chambers, frozen in eternity. My crystals have been taken, or will be taken, and my mind seems gone as well. I need to build them anew. Forge them, craft them. I am trapped. A hammer and an anvil will be my new heartbeat, the sound of metal replacing the crystalline sparkle of a never- endng whirl.”
  4. Fate
    “I have already seen the end of everything. I know what happens to Judges and sinners. But is that the real end or just a chaotic image? If fate exists, it consists of millions of possibilities.”
  5. Observer
    “No, nothing is written in stone. Except things written in stone, like on gravestones. But the outcome of all of this, the end of the Judges, the fate of the gods… Who says it can’t be changed by those who have the power? Now me, I’m just an observer now.”

In God We Trust

“Adyr rejects mindless followers”

  1. God’s Plan
    “Adyr’s wisdom is eternal. The mind of men is limited, as is their time. This is how it is supposed to be. This is Adyr’s plan. He built the society. He is the society.”
  2. You are Safe
    “Adyr will save you. Listen, learn, pray. Adyr will hear, Adyr will help. You are safe with Him.”
  3. The Light
    “Men cannot be for themselves. They need a leader, they need a guide. They will follow the light. When there is no light, they will only follow darkness.”



“Antanas knew about the rune”

  1. Antanas Will
    “I saw the storm surrounding the Hand of God Mountains, but the hand did not crumble. Adyr is still alive and the Rhogar are still attacking. That means Harkyn is either dead or a traitor to our cause. Traitors need to be punished. You know what you must do. I know my duty, too.”
  2. Guard Orders
    “Soldiers. If this convict Harkyn shows his ugly face in Keystone, kill him on sight. He’s a traitor that allied himself with the god against order and against humanity. I will personally reward whoever kills him.”

Monk’s Fate

“Kaslo’s fate was to find you”

  1. I found Him
    “My visions were right. Harkyn is a man of pride. He would defy god. He would restore balance. I saw him thrown into the pit, punishment for unspeakable crimes. Yet I trusted the visions and set him free. I’m glad providence has led me to the end of this very path.”

Greater Powers

“Judges are the originators of magic types”

  1. Gauntlet
    “Myghty Antanas, my research is over. I dare to claim that this gauntlet does only one thing, but it does it rather well. It eats hatred like a hungry lion and spits it out like a dragon spits fire. It’s bearer can wield it like a horrible weapon but his soul must not be pure. A shattered soul will make the most out of this device.”
  2. Judge Cleric
    “Mighty Antanas. As requested, I have been seeking the origins of the powers that the Principal Judge Cleric possessed. Unfortunately, the only records I found indicate nothing more than the fact that his physique was the weakest of all three. And because of that he had to find a way to gain an advantage over his enemies.”
  3. Judge Assassin
    “Mighty Antanas. My findings on the most important Principal Judge Assassin are indeed a track of hatred and vengeance. It appears he must have loathed the act of physical struggle as much as he hated the Rhogar itself… Thus he wished for his fights to be short and lethal.”
  4. Judge Warrior
    “Mighty Antanas. There is not much to be found on the Principal Judge Warrior… Apart from his outstanding will and persistence that led him to train his body and spirit to never give up. Yet, I personally wouldn’t believe any fary-tales about killing a Lord with bare fists.”


“Adyr’s followers left their mark”

  1. Initiation
    “Every young one needs to prove himself. They have to be fast, in understanding and in movement. If they manage to find their way around the maze, they are welcome to stay as one of us. The reward they earn not only shields them. It pours the wisdom and beauty of our library, the beauty of our faith, into their hearts.”
  2. First Anxietes
    “This man scares me. The madness in his eyes… He steals our knowledge, he kills our priests. Rumors have it he’s one of the three that killed Adyr. Even the Keeper that Adyr bestowed upon us struggles against this heretic. This man… This man will bring death to us all.”
  3. Consecrated
    “The Consecreated, the chosen guards who protected us from the heretics for so long, are no more. They were no match for the intruder that killed our god. We buried them deep in our halls as promised by Adyr. Still wearing the armor of our god, they will watch over this place until the end of time.”
  4. Grim Legacy
    “All my brothers are dead. My fate is sealed, too. I will soon follow them. The only thing left to do, is lock the four graves of the Consecrated away. Runes, Keys, Plates, Leavers. I will use everything I know to hide them from the heretics. When the war is over, new worshippers will rise. They will find the knowledge and secrets we left behind.”


“The war took its toll. On both sides”

  1. Humanity’s Advocate
    “It disgusts me. Hundreds of lives wasted on building places of worship. Adyr did not feed our children, did not protect our wives. We did. But the knowledge they have gathered… It needs to be used for our cause. Man should only be ruled by himself.”
  2. Law of the Jungle
    “It sacrificed them, to stop me, to drag this battle out. But they are not dead, they still roam around this place. The bloodshed changed this place. And with everything around us changing, we change as well.”
  3. Dead End
    “The rift devoured the Library and trapped us. With the minds of worshippers gone, only me and the Keeper remain. We cannot kill each other anymore, we tried, but gaping wounds were healed. Death didn’t come. We are immortal prisoners now. The Keeper’s vileness is creeping up inside of me and my rage is slowly driving him insane. My body wasn’t created to last eternity. If this goes on, what will remain of me?”
  4. The Little Things
    “I thought I knew every inch of that construct by now. Yet I have discovered something new today. I could swear it wasn’t there before. I experimented with this peculiar mechanism and strangely, it influences the magic the Keeper can use. It is my chance for an advantage over it. Weather it works or not… At least I have something to look forward to.”

Judge of the God Hand

So ends the tale of Harkyn: Judge of the God Hand. By his judgement, the Hand of God shifts.

By his actions, the Hand of God closes over the fate of man, and Adyr rules again. Or by his actions, the Hand of God loses its fingers, and Adyr will never again influence the world of man. And man is free to create it’s own heaven….or hell.

Or by his judgement, both the freedom of man and the will of Adyr are deemed worthy of preservation. Without man’s freedom, they are but cattle of a unflinching shepard. But without god, man is doomed to become it own god, and will destroy it’s own freedom for it’s own plan…as befell mighty Antanas.

Without true chaos or order, harmony may yet come. As god and man can learn from another. And so begins The Book of the New Judge.

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