Lenna's Inception – Comprehensive Basic Guide

This guide is to help you make basic progress through your generated seed, from knowing quest chains to completing the final puzzle area.

Complete Guide of Lenna’s Inception

Basic Information

Hello, and welcome to my guide! Hopefully this bad boy can help you, the reader, get through most seeds that you generate with the information it has. Note, there are notable changes throughout each seed, as bosses, and subsequently, items in said dungeons, will be randomly changed around. This guide is only going to give you the most generic idea of how to go about your own seed.

For most of my guide, I’ll be using the seed Aster, which is my first seed that I completed. This is to help with noting the NPCs for quest tiers and locales that you need to search for in your own game. Go ahead and use it for your own seed and follow along if you’d like!

Note: this guide will contain spoilers. if you want to avoid it, cease and desist reading from this point onward!

The Beginning

Now, when you first enter the game, take note where each student is sitting. They are the bosses you will fight. The front row are your first four bosses, and the back row are the second half of the game. Also, pay attention to what’s on their respective desks, as they are hinting to what item you need if you want to pacify them instead of beating them.

Now, in my 5 playthroughs of Aster, and 15 in other seeds, the only consistent things I noted are that the desks never change the item requirements and the first and eighth kid never change seats. What does this mean? Basically, the first and last boss will always be the same in every seed (that I’ve played), and they will also always have the exact same items to get from the dungeon (sword/shield from 1, and glitched glasses from 8). All the other ones are random, and most of the time will allow you to progress. There are some seeds that do bug out, in which case that’s unfortunate, but you may be able to find something to help with that in one form or another.

Leaving and First Dungeon (With Options!)

So, now that we noted the student order and took note of what each one wants, let’s start the story!

Basically, follow Henrietta to the Elder’s Cave, and grieve for like… 5-10 seconds for his passing. Clear? Cool! Grab the wrapped sword, meet Lance outside, and head to the first dungeon. Once you leave the Elder’s Cave hit the Back/Share button on your controller (whichever you prefer, I’m on a PS4 controller myself), and the area you need to go next will be both blinking, and sometimes have a marker over it. So, to save us some time, always do this to figure out your progression. Up until the library, anyway, is most like a tutorial, so just go with the flow!

You will always get the Bicycle outside of Dungeon 1, as well as the Hero’s Sword and Steel Shield from inside because the hero is… well, bad. Don’t forget to grab Lance’s phone, as well as the Power of Fortitude. Once you have all of these, here’s where you have two options:

Option 1: Proceed normally, fight boss, win, get heart, move on.


Option 2: Just leave the dungeon, continue with the story.

I will stress this now: what you decide to do will almost lock you into one of the three endings. So you decide what you want to do, and then do this for 7 more dungeons!

Quick Start on Side Quests!

Now that you have the Hero’s Sword, keep an eye out while you’re slashing random bushes for funsies for a specific potion. It’s always came up on my seeds as “Runny Blue Potion,” and you will need at least one of these. Do not use it! This is the “Water Potion” that you will need for the first item trade of the first, and most annoying, side quest.

Also, farm up at least 200 Gold, because you will need to buy a book from the bear merchant that’s (usually) near your school or starting area. He has a book called “Arcane Book” which is actually called the “Lemon Pages” that will have some important numbers you can input manually into the phone you picked up from Lance! Nifty! And, to kill two birds with one stone, that’s the first of 16 books that you can collect for Paige, the Librarian. The first milestone for books is 8, and once you hit this, you can recruit her to replace your pets. Every book afterwards ups her health by 1 heart, for a total of 11, which makes her the healthiest of companions. Too bad she’s a ranged attacker, and only does 1 HP (half a heart) in damage…

Other books are found randomly throughout the world and small caves. Just slash everything, clear map sections, and explore, and you should collect enough in no time! The final milestone is 12 books, in which point Paige will give you a personal quest to kill and collect the bodies of 10 pink slimes, called Marshmallows. Make sure she’s your active companion, and once you do, talk to her. Enjoy a “warm” moment with her, and she’ll reward you with a Locket, which is one of your 8 items! Easiest side quest ever!

One other thing you want to farm up on is Meteorite. They are small rocks you find everywhere. The goal is getting at least 10. The Blacksmith has the Damascus Katana for trade with 10 Meteorite, which is hands down the best weapon in the game. It allows you to keep moving when you swing, on top of being the strongest of the three swords (Hero’s and Tungsten are about the same damage, but Tungsten does 1 HP extra of fire damage per hit). The katana also has a charged spin attack if you hold the attack down long enough, and the poke while charging does full damage as well, so get it ASAP!

Item Trade: Part 1

Alright, here’s the most annoying, and longest, quest chain the game has to offer. What’s the reward? Why, it’s one of the items for the students! Quite literally the first item, for the first boss. It’s the Binoculars. Once you have access, either by swimming from the fish trunks in a dungeon, or by the Hover Tunic/Potion, just south of Dungeon 3 and 4 (the Guild LLC, AKA the Bank) lies this guy on an island.

Remember that Water Potion you had? Well, this guy wants it! He’s gonna trade you a paper clip for it, which is good, because (if you’re running the Aster seed like I am and stated at the beginning of this guide) the next place is JUST south of us!

This is called An Office, and the lady inside is willing to take that Paper Clip from you, and give you a Fish-Shaped Pen. Two down and… too many still to go… However, the next person is also close by!

This shady guy is just one south and one west of the Office you got the pen from. He’ll take that pen, and trade you his newly-written Forged Deed for it. Which is cool, because now, we’ll be heading to the Bank/Dungeon 4 next!

This business bones here has a briefcase, and is willing to part with it so long as you have any form of deed to trade for it, legitimate or not. Well, good thing we just got this Forged Deed handed to us, eh?! Hand that bad boy over and take the case. For now, this is all we can do in the Item Trade quest line until we reach the other half of the game.

Mid-way Point

So, you’ve completed, in some way, the first four dungeons. Right now, your goal is to find a bridge to the other half, as per what Paige has either told you from calling, or otherwise your map as said. At this time, you should already have the Locket from Paige ready to go. There’s one more gift item you can get before crossing to the other half, and that is the Bank IOU!

This one is really simple, but it can also be purely luck. Upstairs in the bank is a Stock/Slot Machine area. Basically, what you want to do is either earn enough, or have, at least 1000 Gold into your in-game bank account, and TRY to pull out that 1000. You’re gonna get a hard time by the teller, saying they can’t do that unless you have stock in the Bank (don’t bother), and will hand over an IOU. You can still pull out 999, but anything more from then on is technically lost, which is fine, what’s 1 gold?!

If you decide to play the stock game because you don’t want to farm 1000 upright, the easiest way is to place all your money into the palace stock, or palc, which is 1 gold per share. It cannot go below 1 gold, and can only go up in price, 1 point at a time. Basically, 300 shares bought that get increased to 3 gold per is a 900 payout, which is a huge win!

After you get out of Dungeon 4, Prince Daniel should be calling you and will hand over an attachment. This is the Power of Compassion item, which you need to pacify bosses instead of killing them. If you got the IOU, you can go back and fight the Third Dungeon boss now, and make sure you have the Compassion item on one of your active slots! Pay attention, as when they are one hit from death, the diamond will rotate, signifying to use it for a pacification!

Once you have done all that, head to the bridge, and confront the Banker. Note, if you have a shield, this is ALSO a free spot to farm lots of money, as you can freely sweep back and forth blocking his coins as he pelts them constantly. He won’t stop until you reach him, anyway, so it’s a another quick way to earn enough to do the IOU.

The Second Half, and Sequence Breaking!

Welcome to East (Seed Name)! This is where it gets a bit harder, as each dungeon is slightly longer, and some of the areas are really tricky to navigate. For my runs, most of the items in my first dungeons were sword/shield, Fish-skin Trunks, Amulet of Strength and Bombs. Most of the blockades in this half will be whatever you really haven’t gotten yet, which are the Lighter for frozen obstacles, the Spring for pitfalls, among other things. However, you can get around some of these hindrances depending on your RNG, and if you could buy/find the right items! I’m talking about…

Sequence Breaking!

As it sounds, this is sorta like breaking the game. You may have even unlocked a hidden achievement earlier regarding this thing. This is like melting ice before you have the lighter, blowing up boulders without having explosives, or even entering a dungeon without going to the one prior!

Doing these things make it easy to make progress when you see something you’re looking for.

Sequence Breaking 1: Access a Dungeon before beating a boss in the dungeon before it.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You may have done this normally just from walking from Dungeon 1 to 2, etc. without fighting the boss. I unlocked it when I had the Hover Tunic, and wandered over a pitfall to another dungeon before I had the Spring that allowed jumping over, and never entering Dungeon 5. It’s different for everyone, so experiment!

SB 2: Blow up rocks before owning explosives.

This one can be slightly tricky. Basically, if you haven’t gotten any bombs, mines, Gliders, or Cross-Bombs, you will need either the Explosive Tunic/Potion, or strategically hit an enemy with the Explosive buff into some rocks. If you use the potion/tunic, be forewarned that you will lose two hearts per explosion, unless you use explosion resistance potions in tandem, or have a defense potion active.

SB 3: Melt ice before owning the Lighter.

This one was really easy to do. If you have found the Phoenix Ash, use it on Henrietta to make her into MegaHenrietta, basically a fire-chicken. She toggles from her old passive into a hyper-aggressive companion with 4 hearts instead of three (much like Bruce the Bat or Gourdon the Pumpkin), but she also causes burn damage. If angled right, Henrietta can dash into some ice and melt them. Another way to do so is if you find a fire-breathing chameleon on the same map, line them up so when they spew fire, it hits some ice.

Other than that, continue what you were doin’, champ, and get through the dungeons!

Item Trade: Part 2

Once you clear through the dungeons, and have access to all the areas via the dungeon items given, let’s start finishing up the Item Trade quest line. Last we left off, we had the Briefcase from the Skele-Broker at the Bank.

This gentleman, who I’ve dubbed the Tele-Shopkeep, is having issues carrying all his merch around. He’ll gladly trade you the shirt off his back, literally, for that briefcase. Once you do that, let’s head over to the next guy, who’s in need of clothes, badly…

This poor bear adjacent to the Bridge on the Aster seed has been peeped on from afar by someone with (you guessed it) Binoculars, and is now self-conscious about his… lack of clothes. Hand him those Sweaty Clothes you got from Tele-Shopkeep, and he’ll happily reward you with his Bear Claw. This is the last item we need to finish up this quest line, so let’s head to that peeper, eh?!

This lady here is very fond of bears, which is why she’s been peeping on that poor naked one way up north. Give her the claw, and she’ll hand over the Binoculars, which is the first item needed for pacifying the first boss! Woo! Funny how it takes you needing to clear all 8 dungeons to do on the Aster seed, but you got it!

The Remaining Mystery Items

So, if you’ve followed this guide for the most part, you have gotten the Binoculars, the IOU and the Locket., which are Mystery Items 1, 3, and 7. I’ll cover the remainder ones here before we finish with the final area.

Mystery Item 2: Book of Changes

This item is easy once you talked to the Tele-Shopkeep. Basically, follow him to the next three areas, talk to him each time, and he will eventually hand over this book. Really easy and simple.

Mystery Item 4: Beta Cup

This one as rather straightforward. There’s a cave somewhere with a white-skinned, robed guy outside. He’s trying to make an awesome arena called the Halucination Arena. Basically, clear his 11 stage trial, and he’ll cough the Beta Cup over, as well as your own Hallucination Tunic to go after another achievement!

Mystery Item 5: Patent No. 950996

This one is another odd quest chain. Find the Status Effect Shop, and talk to the boys inside, Potter and Tunley. They say their sister Tressa is helping a guy make an arena (yes, that same guy). Go talk to him, and he’ll give you Tressa’s number. Call her up, and she’ll say she went to the library, but hangs up abruptly. If you have Paige with you, talk to her and she’ll say she went to the bank. When you get there, there’s a lady that will want you to verify things of Tressa. The answers are Potter as the older brother, and Tunley as the younger. She’ll say she was indeed there and to call her mother. Do so, and her mother will say she’s always exploring. Well, if you’re in the Bank still, go to the dungeon, and voila! There’s Tressa! She’ll hand you the patent, and ask if you want to come back to the shop again. I suggest doing so…

Mystery Item 6: Glitched Wood

This is really easy. Once you find the Woodsman, he’ll hand you an axe and say to find a secret. easiest place I found one was in the redder forest areas, and the secret places are marked with green trees in a red tree map. Chop it down, cue woodsman, and he’ll hand over this prized piece of log!

Mystery Item 8: Police Report

This can be gotten early, if you run into the 3 Bears house. Basically, they want you to catch Goldilocks. What you have to do is NOT be seen while following her around. The Bears’ house is 3 screens wide, so be patient, and stay hidden. Note, on the second screen, you can actually hide behind the boxes in the middle, so use that advantage. Also, it’s ONLY sight that she’ll reset, not sound, so if you gotta break things, do it so you don’t get spotted!

Final Destination: Palace Walkthrough!

You made it. The final area. You either ignored all the bosses, killed them, or pacified them with their respective Mystery Items. All that’s left is to stop the Banker, and end the evil that has this world glitched up!

Depending on what you have done will lock you into an ending early on. If you killed even one of the bosses, you are locked into the “Sacrifice” Ending. If you ignored them all and not received the Power of Truth item, you will get the “Catastrophe” ending. And if you pacified them all, you have a LOT more to do at the final boss, but eventually get you the “Perfect” ending!

But I’m getting ahead of myself! You wanna know how to get into the Palace and how to get to the boss! I have that all ready to go for you!

Note that the palace is not randomized! It’s the same on all seeds!

When you get to the Palace in the Overworld, to the side is a glitched pool of water. When you get in, hit RB to dive, and it’ll take you under the castle. Walk a few areas left, and go up the ladder. You’ll be in the bathroom. Head all south, and then one screen right, and enter the doorway that’s unlocked. It’ll lead you to be face to face with Prince Daniel, who is snug into his cell!

Go one screen right, and here’s where the puzzle starts. The next few areas are going to abuse the Missinglasses, as they are the key to this puzzle.

From this open cell, use the glasses and walk left until you arrive on the right side of the screen. Do this twice, and you’ll get to the cell with the Blue Key. Then, reverse and leave the Dungeon the same way you came in, via the stairs in front of the Prince.

Now, to truly complete this puzzle, you’re gonna have to beat some really spaced out enemies. The best way to get to the area to start is to use the glasses and hit one of the blue teleporting squares. You can do this in the dungeon instead of leaving via the stairs, or by screwing around elsewhere in the Palace. Either way, you will end up in a small square room with a ladder in the middle. Head through the southern exit (may need to blow it up or smash with a hammer). Transition south, and ignore the room this time. Our goal is one more screen south.Once you transition, immediately use the glasses and reverse transition to the north, so you wind up to the southern part of the map with the three ghost chameleons, then transition south again.

Transition to either one of these small alcoves in the south by going north. The middle one you have to jump the pit to clear the transition. Once you do, head south, and clear out all enemy skeleton spiders you see. Doing so will lift the blocked exits in parts of the map.once you do that, transition to the south from the north from the left platform into the small room, leave said room and walk south in the out of bounds area, and clear out the enemies here as well. You can walk on the right side of that small room and transition north to reach the one spider in the narrow central platform with your katana, if you’re patient enough. Or, use a growth potion/tunic and swing at ’em. Both work fine. Once all of the enemies are dead, we’re starting the real puzzle for that green key at the entrance!

Once back upstairs, go one screen left, and note the arrow pointing to the ledge to the south. Use the glasses and “reverse” your way up there from by going north. Once that’s done, transition to the next screen.

Once here, move yourself to align with the right-most southern platform, and go “north” with the glasses active to reach it.

On the next screen, clear out the bats as they have the barriers up to prevent you from leaving the map. Once done, go to where you just entered, and use the glasses to go “north to reach the south path. Do not leave this map. Instead, use the key to open one or both of the doors, and then transition again to the left from the right side. Once you’ve done that, do normal transition to the left to the room with the Skele-Butler. Then, continue the same path south until you reach the ladder.

Hit the ladder, and you’ll go to a room two south of the main entrance. Go north, then transition back south, then north once more.

Congrats, you’re on the southern ledge in the main entrance of the Palace. One more south-to-north transition, and you got the green key! Go up the stairs, and prepare to fight the final boss(es)!


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