LEGO Jurassic World – Random Achievement Guide

This is a achievement guide for 4 achievements in the game that you get during free play & are not achievable on story mode.

The Human Piece of Toast

Give Timmy a Shock.

For this you have to go to free play mode & over there select a character that can jump start Generators & choose the other character as Timmy.
As the guy with the charging rod beat up Timmy.
Once you beat up Timmy 2-3 times the achievement will pop up.

Hello John!

Set both Free Play characters as John Hammond (or variant of him) .

For this go to Free play & select your 1st character as John Hammond.
Switch to the second character & select John Hammond.
Now you will have both your Characters as John Hammond, once this is done the achievement will pop up.

Anybody want a Soda?

As Dennis Nedry, throw a soda can at another character.

Go to your map.
Select a story level where people are going to attack you.
Select one of your Characters as Dennis Nedry.
Now as Dennis Nedry aim at one of the enemies & Nedry will throw a Soda Can at him.
Once this is done the achievement will pop up.

Went And Made A New Dinosaur

Create a custom dinosaur.

In Isla Nublar go to the Isla Nublar Visitor Center.
On the left side there will be a door with a DNA symbol above it, go inside.
Inside there will be a Dinosaur Customizer where you can customize Dinosaurs.
Customize a dinosaur & as soon as you back out the achievement will pop up.

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