LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – How to Walk Through Walls as Cyborg

This guide will teach you an exploit that will allow you to go through walls, go through the ceiling etc.

The Glitch

Step 1: Make sure you have the magnet suit and the giant suit unlocked.

Step 2: Transform to giant suit mode as cyborg.

Step 3: Go next to a wall. You need to be standing next to a wall, enemy, or breakable object that has collision for this to work. Even the thinnest bit of vertical collision next to you can launch you up!

Step 4: Change into the magnet suit and you will notice during the transition that you will be flung high into the air. You’ll go through most ceiling / wall collision using this.

Bonus: One thing i noticed, is that if you try changing suit before dying, you will die and then respawn where you last stood, and you will change to the suit you tried changing to. This can help a little bit if you landed on an unstable piece of collision you slowly fall off of! On top of that, if you’re quick enough you can fall near a wall with a death plane and then change to magnet suit so you can recover!


In most of freeplay, you can basically make it so that you only really need cyborg if you’re really doing a speedrun (for some reason..?)

This can even be used in story mode. For example, in Jailhouse nok, do the first section and second section with the spider and the bridge.

Then all you’ll really need to do, if you want, is fling yourself above the first door, then go through the door the main lantern character goes through and you will have skipped that section. (although i might reccomend doing the first magnet thing because things get weird if you don’t for the 2nd half). Then after that, use cyborg again, go through the electricity and launch yourself up. Open the door normally and then once again go through the door the main lantern goes through with the glitch.

In the power of love level it’s even easier. You can go through most of the doors except the two main level transition doors (the first one i didn’t try, the second one blocks your way when you go high up)

This only scratches the surface of what can be done with this glitch, and i’m suprised nobody found this earlier, seeing as it’s really easy to trigger. I hope it’s not patched anytime soon!

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