Legends of Runeterra has been out in beta since January 24th, and people are busy experimenting with different types of decks. While many people are focusing on Elusive and Spider Decks at the moment, others are messing around with decks like Elnuks.

Legends of Runeterra Elnuks Deck

This deck does not use any champions, and instead makes use of Elnuks. There are two types we can run, the Bull Elnuk and Troop of Elnuks. Bull Elnuk has power and health, while Troops of Elnuks is an amazing card that creates a board for just 5 mana.

Mulligan for Troop of Elnuks and Counterfeit Copies, which shuffles four of any unit into your deck.

  • Regions: Freljord and Piltover & Zaun
  • Size: 40


Name Region Type Cost Count
Flash Freeze Freljord Spell 3 2
Take Heart Freljord Spell 3 2
Avalanche Freljord Spell 4 2
Omen Hawk Freljord Unit 1 3
Avarosan Sentry Freljord Unit 2 3
Babbling Bjerg Freljord Unit 4 3
Bull Elnuk Freljord Unit 4 3
Avarosan Hearthguard Freljord Unit 5 3
Troop of Elnuks Freljord Unit 5 3
Thermogenic Beam Piltover & Zaun Spell 0 2
Rummage Piltover & Zaun Spell 1 2
Counterfeit Copies Piltover & Zaun Spell 1 3
Mystic Shot Piltover & Zaun Spell 2 3
Get Excited! Piltover & Zaun Spell 3 2
Parade Electrorig Piltover & Zaun Unit 3 2
Augmented Experimenter Piltover & Zaun Unit 6 2

Aside from the Elnuks, the rest of the cards are draw cards, spot removal, face damage, and buff cards. Babbling Bjerg and Hearthguards can be a combo if you can’t get your Troop of Elnuks out by turn 5.

Time your Reckless Experimenter or Rummage so you don’t waste value. Spot removal cards can be used against Spider decks in the early game until you can find Troop. Avalanche can be a good card against Elusives and Spiders as well.