Legend of Keepers – How to Get Infinite Gold and Other Useful Tips

Useful Tips to Money and Employees

How to get infinite gold, raise the level of your employees to the maximum in 1 week

The game automatically saves changes to gold, monsters, your boss stats, blood and tears, but does not save the week pass.

So, if you want you can enter the “trainer”, raise the level (for example, from lvl 1 to 2) of one of your employees, then exit to the menu and enter again, you will be again in that week and you will be able to Go back up to that employee’s next level (from lvl 2 to 3), and you can repeat the process until you reach that employee’s maximum level (lvl 5) or run out of clear gold.

But do not worry! Gold can also be easily obtained that way through two ways: Looting and “Events”.

The first is to select looting with less risk of being disabled (since although it does not automatically save the change of the week, it does with the monsters and you can be left with no one).

The second method, the “Events”, is a little more tedious but the one with the highest profitability, consists of entering the event and if you don’t like it, leave and re-enter, being able to redo said event until you get one that gives you more than 300 gold or the one that gives you more than 900 gold.

You have a lot of Blood but few tears, but you do not want to lose a week in the laboratory? Do not worry, you enter the laboratory, you make all the changes you want and go out and enter again, the blood and tears changes will be saved and you can do again that week.

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