With Day 1‘s games behind us, teams will have to readjust for Day 2 as all teams will again be playing at least one match tomorrow.  The doubleheader for Royal Never Give Up will all but solidify the standings from Group A should the Chinese powerhouse take both games.  Beginning at 9 am EST, make sure to tune into the matches on lolesports.com to obtain freebies for your in-game League of Legends account!

League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational Day 2 Schedule

Here’s the Mid-Season Invitation Day 2 Schedule (times in EST):

  • 9 am – Pentanet GG vs Royal Never Give Up
  • 10 am – Unicorns of Love vs Royal Never Give Up
  • 11 am – Gilette Infinity vs Damwon KIA
  • 12 pm – DetonatioN FocusMe vs Cloud9
  • 1 pm – fastPay Wildcats vs MAD Lions
  • 2 pm – paiN Gaming vs PSG Talon
League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational  Day 2 Schedule

New Jungle

With the recent jungle changes, teams have been veering off the Turbo Chemtank champions such as Hecarim and Udyr.  Taking their place are more volatile AP champions such as Morgana and Rumble.  On Day 1, we saw both of those champions consistently banned or played in most games, with Lee Sin and Nidalee not far behind.  Although tanky, movement speed based junglers may eventually appear more, one can expect the new AP farmers to dominate for the next few days.

Niche Picks

There were some very interesting picks today that led to a few professional players recruiting new fans.  Pentanet GG’s Pabu and Chazz spiced things up with a Fiddle and Lee Sin combination in the jungle and mid lane while MAD Lions’s Armut and Wildcats’ Serin took the blind monk to top and mid respectively.  paiN Gaming’s Pabu broke out the Darius pocket pick and was a zoning menace to the aforementioned Wildcats.  On Day 1 alone, out of 120 possible slots for picks and bans, we saw a 49 pool of champions be contested including an Ahri ban and a 100% presence from Lee Sin, Renekton and Rumble.