The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational has finally begun in Reykjavik, Iceland!  11 of the best teams from across the globe will be facing each other and aiming to secure the title of MSI Champions.  Representing the four major regions are Damwon KIA from the LCK, Royal Never Give Up from the LPL, Mad Lions from the LEC and Cloud9 from the LCS.  From the emerging region’s pool are PENTANET GG from the OCE, DetonatioN FocusMe from the LJL, fastPay Wildcats from the TCL, PSG Talon from the PCS, paiN Gaming from the CBLOL, Gilette Infinity from the LLA, and the Unicorns of Love from the CIS.

League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational Day 1 Results

Here are the results from the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational Day 1:

Team 1 Team 2 Results
Cloud 9 Damwon KIA 0-1
Gillette Infinity Deonation FocusMe 1-0
Royal Never Give Up PentaNet GG 1-0
PentanetGG Unicorns of Love 0-1
fastPay Wildcats paiN Gaming 0-1
MAD Lions PSG Talon 1-0
Image via LoL Wiki

It is a rough day to be an Oceania fan – Pentanet GG was the only team to play twice on opening day and have dropped both games.  Considering that this tournament is a best of one double round-robin, this severely hinders the OCE representatives from making it to the Rumble stage.

Arguably the most hyped matchup of the day, C9 vs DK was more lackluster than fans may have hoped.  C9 never had a great advantage to run with while Damwon kept Blaber at bay from minute one.  DK are the reigning world champions so this result was not wholly unexpected.

The closest game of the day would be the fastPay Wildcats vs paiN Gaming, clocking in just over 38 minutes.  Both teams were neck in neck when it came to gold and in the end, Brazil edged out Turkey ever so slightly. We’ll have to wait and see what Day 2 has in store.