Picking up Morgana as a backup jungler is not a horrible idea – she can farm fast, provides decent CC for ganking and teamfighting, and most importantly, fulfills the niche of an AP jungler that has immense supporting capabilities for your team.  Because of these traits, Morgana is seeing an all-time record high number of bans, but in the matches that she is not banned in, she boasts an impressive 52% win rate.

So you have practiced the double leashing technique, went through the first three minutes of your clear and are now heading to the river to secure scuttle crab.  

League of Legends: How to Jungle with Morgana (Part 2) Leasing
League of Legends: How to Jungle with Morgana (Part 2) Leasing

Make sure that your Q – Dark Binding hits the scuttle crab before dropping your W – Tormented Soil.  It is okay to predict the crab’s movements, launch the Q and drop the W a split second before the Q hits, but the most important part is to hard CC the crab so it loses its entire shield. 

How to Jungle with Morgana: The Pre-Game

Runes and Masteries play an integral part of any champion’s kit and can even define playstyles.  Jungle Morgana is a heavy Domination + Sorcery tree user, which probably does not come as a surprise to most people.  Dark Harvest is the rune of choice for most players, with Cheap Shot, Eyeball Collection, and Ravenous Hunter for the other sub slots.  The Sorcery tree is very flexible – many players use Nimbus Cloak for more movement speed, some prefer Transcendence for the additional mid-game CDR (or Ability Haste).  Celerity and Waterwalking synergize splendidly, and the options to mix and match the aforementioned Sorcery slots are of minor significance as most of what was listed is applicable in one way or another.

Some players enjoy taking Predator for the fast ganking potential and as an alternative to Dark Harvest should the jungle matchup be unfavorable to proc the rune efficiently.  As such, Celerity secondary will only add onto the Mach 5 speedy gothic angel and will transfer her into a freight train, assuming the player lands Morgana’s abilities.

Regardless of rune choice, players should take double AP runes with one rune in Armor.  The double AP runes allow for early game damage with Morgana’s abilities and more healing with Morgana’s passive.  The armor is due to the fact that Morgana will be double leashing often and provides slightly more protection from the camps.