Even before her 2021 debut as a Tier 1 jungler at the Mid-Season Invitational, Morgana has been hyped as the best ‘hard farming’ jungler in the game. There was only one change to her kit regarding her ability to jungle – her W, Tormented Soil, does increased damage to monsters. Here are some tips to jumpstart your jungling career by using the fallen angel in all her gothic glory.

How to Jungle with Morgana

Morgana has become one of the few junglers that can efficiently farm even without a leash. If a player is starting on Blue, there are two main ways to begin one’s jungle clear.

Pulling Gromp and Blue Buff is very easy – stand at the midpoint between the two and position your W correctly. You may have to jostle a little bit to the right as Gromp is a ranged attacker and spawns a little later than Blue Buff. Smite is mandatory here as the damage between the two camps is very high at level one, but also because Tormented Soil does more damage with lower HP targets, so the summoner spell accomplishes two objectives.

Pulling Red Buff and Raptors is a trickier task. One has to auto-attack Red Buff, run to Raptors, auto the closest small Raptor, and then retreat to this particular tree, highlighted in red.

Stand directly to the left of the tree, wait for Red Buff to inch towards you, then move ever slightly upwards to retain aggro from Raptors. This takes a bit of practice to nail, but taking both camps with this method saves a decent chunk of time. Again, using a potion and Smite are mandatory, especially because Raptors output the most damage of any jungle camp.

For the red side start, aim for the flowers highlighted in red. Hit the Red Buff, run to hit the closest raptor, and then retreat to the flowers. Your ending position should be at the bottom of the bottom-most flower and that will allow you to farm both camps.

For the Blue Buff on this side, do the same thing as with the mirrored side; pull both to the midpoint between the two and be careful of Gromp’s range.

These are some tips to help start one’s clear and both can be done leashless, allowing for your laners to exert some early pressure. One has to be careful because an intelligent jungler will know the points at which Morgana falls into low health, especially at level 1. Hopefully this opens up another path for junglers to take assuming the new queen of the jungle is not banned!