Kunai Upgrades List

In Kunai you play Tabby, a tablet who joins the fight against a robot uprising. As you travel through the world you will defeat enemies and earn coins. These coins can be used to purchase upgrades that will help you in your journey. To keep track of the upgrades available to you, consult our Kunai upgrades list below.

Note: there is an achievement attached to buying all of the upgrades listed below.

How to Buy Tabb Store Upgrades in Kunai

Image showing where to buy upgrades in Kunai.

Upgrades in Kunai can be purchased through the Tabb Store on your tablet. In order to access the store you need to find a router so you have Wifi. Once you find a router stand near it and interact with the router or open your tablet and navigate to the Tabb Store. On this store page you will find the following upgrades:


  • Coin Magnet (299): passively sucks coins to Tabby.
  • Solar Panel (399): slowly regenerate batter (health) over time.


  • Charge Attack (299): hold attack to charge your attack. Unleashes a volley of attacks.
  • Attunement (449): recover more energy from killing enemies.


  • Slingshot (299): launch yourself upwards by using both Kunai.


  • Lightning Strike (349): cause a lightning strike that can jump from enemy to enemy when you throw a shuriken.
  • Steady Ground (299): keep your balance while throwing shurikens.


  • Shotgun Blast (299): charge your SMGs with shotgun shells to fire a burst of bullets.
  • Clip Size (399): increase ammo you carry for SMG.
  • Precision (299): improve your aim with the SMG.

Rocket Launcher

  • Missile Barrage (549): charge your rocket launcher with homing missiles.
  • Rocket Jump (379): shoot down into the ground to launcher yourself up to higher places.
  • Recoil Reduction (199): lower the recoil when shooting a missile.

How to Upgrade Katana in Kunai

Image showing how to upgrade the Katana in Kunai.

The Katana weapon you wield in Kunai can be upgraded at the forge in the Abadoned Subnet area. In this area there is an NPC that runs the forge. Speak with this NPC after clearing the blockage in the Crypto Mines to unlock the ability to upgrade your Katana. Here’s what it costs to upgrade it fully:

  • Level 1: 500.
  • Level 2: 1250.
  • Level 3: 2000.

Once you reach Level 3 you will have sharpened the katana to perfection. With the blade at this level you do massive amounts of damage compared to the Level 1 blade.

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