Kunai Boss List

In the indie title Kunai you will face-off against a number of enemies including various bosses. These bosses are more difficult encounters that reward you with credits and items. To help you keep track of all the bosses in the game check out our Kunai boss list below.

The Garbage Collector

Image showing The Garbage Collector boss in Kunai.

Achievement: Took The Trash Out.

Location: Haunted Factory.

The Garbage Collector is the first real boss you will faceoff against in Kunai. This boss is all about using your Kunai’s for mobility. When The Garbage Collector dives kunai to the side it is moving towards then jump and strike it while its garbage shield is down. Once you’ve hit it its shield will form a platform for you to kunai onto. Jump onto this platform and use it to jump and hit the boss. Repeat this process a few times until the boss is defeated. You will earn The Garbage Collector H.A.T. for your troubles.

Captain Koek

Image showing Captain Koek in Kunai.

Achievement: What Doesn’t Float.

Location: Battlecruiser Y4R.

The boss fight with Captain Koek isn’t really a boss fight. You reach the bridge of the ship and come face to face with the captain. After the introduction to the boss you simply need to hit him once to send him flying out of the ship. For completing the airship level you unlock the What Doesn’t Float achievement.

The Guardian

Image showing The Guardian in Kunai.

Achievement: The Guardian.

Location: Shuriken Shrine.

Advance the story until you reach the Shuriken Shrine. Here you will receive the shuriken item. With this item you can open locked doors. Make your way through the shrine until you reach the boss room. Here you will fight The Guardian. The Guardian is a two stage fight:

  • Stage 1 (Ball Form): in the first stage all you need to do is shoot the switches on the bottom right and left corners of the room so the blocks disappear allowing you to kunai up to the switches above. Once both sides are switched on electricity will flow into the ball, damaging it. Repeat three times to have the ball fall through the floor.
  • Stage 2 (Guardian Form): in the second and final stage The Guardian takes on its true form. When The Guardian is tethered jump slash until it falls to the ground below. Deal damage and repeat this process until it dies.

For defeating The Guardian you earn The Guardian H.A.T. which is a nice little bonus on top of the achievement you earn. You also advance the storyline.

The Deprecator

Image showing The Deprecator boss in Kunai.

Achievement: Deprecated.

Location: Abandoned Subnet.

Once you have the shuriken you can advance to the area called the Abadoned Subnet. To move the storyline along in this area you need to reach the Crypto Mines to unblock the lava flow. Along the way to the mines you will encounter a boss called The Deprecator. This boss fight is a auto scroller where you need to avoid the boss, deal damage, and ultimately defeat it. When you’ve beaten The Deprecator you will receive The Deprecator mask and access to the Crypto Mines.

Furious Ferro

Image showing the Furious Ferro boss in Kunai.

Achievement: Dangerous Experiments.

Location: Haunted Factory.

Make your way through the Haunted Factory until you reach the SMGs. Once you’ve picked up the SMGs, head back into the room on the right. When you attempt to leave this room you will trigger a boss fight with Furious Ferro. Furious Ferro is a large black blob. To defeat this boss you will need to utilize your SMGs (particularly jump+firing). As you damage the boss it will go onto the ceiling. At this point small blobs rain down on you. Use your SMGs to dispatch of them. Repeat until Furious Ferro is dead. For defeating this boss you earn the Furious Ferro mask.


Image showing the Zensei boss in Kanai.

Achievement: Zensei.

Location: Zen Mountains.

Advance the story until you are prompted to visit the peak of Zen Mountains. Make your way to the top to reach Zensei. Zensei works a bit differently than other boss battles as you are mainly platforming to defeat this boss. The encounter is split into two sections:

  • Phase 1 (Cliffside): Zensei blows you off the cliff and you need to use your kanai to reach him on the peak. As you are doing this the suit of armor slams the cliffside sending rocks and spikes flying. Each time you reach the top attack Zensei and he will blow you off. Do this four times to trigger the next phase.
  • Phase 2 (Vertical Platforming): Section 2 sees you blown to the very bottom of the room. Here you need to complete a vertical scrolling platforming sequence. Once you reach Zensei again defeat him.

After you’ve completed the fight you will teleport to a new portion of the Zen Mountain. Here you will find the Rocket Launcher and the Zensei hat.


Image showing Popo boss in Kunai.

Achievement: Whoop Whoop.

Location: Robopolis.

In Robopolis you will be arrested and thrown in jail. After your prison break you will reach the chest you got caught at and will trigger a chase with the police. To complete this boss fight you need to escape the police. Simply focus on completing the auto-scroll chase to complete this boss fight.

Captain Koek Again

Image showing the second encounter with Captain Koek in Kunai.

Achievement: My Heart Will Go On.

Location: SSD Floatanics.

After you leave Robopololis you will arrive on the SSD Floatanics. This floating ship is helmed by a familiar captain, Captain Koek. Like our previous airship experience we need to reach Captain Koek. Once you reach him interact with the core to trigger a cutscene that results in the ship going down. This unlocks the My Heart Will Go On achievement.


Image showing Lemonkus boss in Kunai.

Achievement: Lemonkus.

Location: 0b101010.

Lemonkus is the final boss you will faceoff against in Kunai. This boss is located on the planet called 0b101010. After you’ve completed all the virus rooms via the free Router item you will be able to battle Lemonkus. The Lemonkus fight features two distinct phases:

  • Phase 1 (w/Scythe): the first phase has Lemonkus wielding his scythe. During this phase Lemonkus runs the same attack patterns that increase in speed as you deal more damage to him. Once you’ve dealt enough damage Lemonkus throws his scythe at you. Dodge it and it will stick into the ground. Go over and pick it up to trigger the second phase.
  • Phase 2 (without/Scythe): the second phase sees Lemonkus dive into the lava below. While waiting for Lemonkus to emerge you need to avoid the lava columns that shoot up. Once Lemonkus emerges you can deal damage to him with the scythe. Repeat this process until Lemonkus is defeated.

Upon defeat of Lemonkus you will trigger the game’s ending. For defeating Lemonkus you receive the achievement Lemonkus. Note when you access the game after beating it you will be at your save prior to beating Lemonkus.

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