Kritika: The White Knights – How to Increase Sapphire from the Limit and Quick Gold Tip

How to Increase Sapphire from the Limit and a Quick Tip for a Quick Gold

Sapphires are great for farming gold by doing monster wave using the skip tickets (can bought by gold/guildshop/black market although it doesn’t appear often).

To increase from the sapphire limit a you have to do is:

  • Do the following daily quest: Tower of Tribulation and world boss (this give you a total of 10 extra sapphire) do not claim the sapphire yet after completing the daily quest.
  • Max out your sapphire by grinding on missions (killing mobs when in the boss area can wield up to 3-4 sapphires, it really depends because in the whole run I got 7 sapphire max) i suggest the boss part of the world map because it is a 2 area map and it is quick.
  • Do 1 round of monster wave. It should be total sapphire limit minus one >> n-1.
  • Collect the daily quest rewards.
  • (Optional) Buy skip ticket (its useful because of quick gold, bulk of +0 gems, several bronze keys and rarely silver keys, depends, brawler badges, Arena badges, quick conquest points).
  • Profit!

This is useful on the later part of the game because it involves a lot of gold but you can always do it anytime anyways.

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