Kodama Locations in Dark Omens – Nioh 2

Dark Omens is a sub-mission in Nioh 2. It’s the second one you’ll encounter, and it takes place in a secluded mountain temple. There are three Kodama spirits you can collect there, and as you’d expect, they’re pretty easy to miss. If you need help finding them, this guide will show you all Nioh 2 Kodama locations in Dark Omens.

nioh 2 kodama locations dark omens
Kodama Locations in Dark Omens – Nioh 2

Dark Omens Kodama locations

Follow the path out of the starting area and you’ll soon see a wooden shack on the right. Once you’ve dealt with the enemies inside, go out the back and you’ll find a collectible by the crates.

Continue up the road until you see the temple in the distance. Turn right here and climb towards the temple. Once you’re at the bottom of the vast edifice, head up the stairs on the right and immediately start looking for a passage on the left. Follow the cliff to the end, and you’ll find the second Kodama there.

To get the final one, you’ll have to go back a bit. Return to the intersection where you first saw the temple and head in the other direction. You’ll soon run into a cyclops hurling stones at passersby. There’s a ledge decorated with monk statues on the left. Go up there and follow it to the end, and you’ll find the last Kodama next to one of the statues. You’ll need to either kill the cyclops or sneak to the statue – you can’t get the collectible during combat.

And that’s all there is to it. Sub-missions are typically shorter than proper missions, and the maps are much more straightforward. The fact that there’s less Kodama collectibles to look for doesn’t hurt, either. Although it’s only three of them, they add up to the ones from previous missions.

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