Kingdoms Reborn – Guide to Optimal Starting Location (Where to Build the Base)

Short guide where to start building your base.

Optimal Starting Location Guide

Map Generation

Let’s generate a world. You can generate this world and check everything in the game more visually.


General Overview of the World

  • The main thing to pay attention to is that places with rivers all of them have increased fertility for farms, the presence of rivers is also necessary for the construction of some buildings. The second thing to pay attention to is the large number of trees it will help you in a quick development, cutting down fruit trees gives you the food you need to start.
  • The availability of resources such as coal and iron is more of a nice addition than necessary. Ultimately, all mines will run out if you play long enough so you need to grow for renewable resources and trade.
  • You can also check for resource boxes or nomad houses (which give about 3 population).
  • You will only need gold and gems in the late game, so I wouldn’t pay attention to them too much.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Spawn Point

  • Decent amount of rivers and forests.
  • 3 places with coal.
  • One nomad tent and several resource boxes.
  • The downside is that mountains cover a significant part of the land.

  • A lot of space, a lot of woods, iron.
  • Generally a very worthy place.

  • Iron, coal, gold.
  • There is not much forest gold!
  • Below the desert above the tundra gold!
  • Not a bad place but with its flaws.

  • Lots of fertile land and forest.
  • Some useful resources.

  • All you need is a river forest, iron, coal…

  • Many trees and a variety of resources.
  • There are no rivers, low fertility.
  • Rocks everywhere.
  • Little room to expand if the game lasts long enough.
  • Didn’t recommend this place to start only if you love the challenge.

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