Kingdoms and Castles – Efficient Farming Guide

A look at the most space efficient way to grow food. Along with other info about farming.

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This guide only looks at food per 9 tiles as that is the number of tiles needed for a 3 x 3 windmill setup and assumes all farms and orchards have master workers as it doesn’t take long to get them. If you want food per worker there is another guide on the workshop for that. This also will not cover basics but still may be of some help to newer players.


Farms are more efficient than orchards in almost all situations. Be sure to build windmills as soon as possible as they massively increase the amount of food produced. Irrigation is also a effective way to get the most out of your farms but windmills and proper storage of food should always be first priority. My recommendation is to build 3 x 3 plots of farms and put a windmill in the middle when you have the workers and resources.


All of this data is in food per 9 tiles and the bonus (none,normal,high) is the fertility. ***It is impossible to place orchards or farms on non-fertile ground without irrigation, bear in mind the last graph has irrigation bonuses.

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