Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind Trophies & Achievements List

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind is the first story DLC for KH3. It has just been released, and there are six new trophies you can unlock during it. One of them is hidden, but it has a description on Playstation that reveals what it’s all about. It’s a pretty big spoiler, so read on at your own discretion. This guide is going to show you the list of KH3 Re Mind trophies & achievements, so you know what you’re getting into.

kingdom hearts 3 re mind trophies achievements
Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind Trophies & Achievements List

KH3 Re Mind trophies

It’s kind of weird that there’s only six of them, knowing that the DLC is pretty hefty. If they put in an achievement for each of the new bosses, they’d have thirteen new ones alone – and everyone knows the more trophies, the better. Strange times.

Name Description
All-rounder Earn all EZ Code merits
Risk-taker Reach the highest PRO Code merit rank
Behind the Curtain Clear Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind
Start Analysis Eliminate One Darkness in the datascape
Analysis Complete Eleminate Thirteen Darknesses in the datascape
Hidden Trophy Defeat Yozora

Maybe that’s because the thirteen new bosses are generic filler, and not that interesting to begin with? Who knows – not me, that’s for sure. As you can see, the achievements in the DLC are mostly pure grind. A few are tied to completing the story, but most are about earning accolades from doing certain activities over and over and over and over again. If you’re a trophy hunter, you might not enjoy unlocking these that much, but every game has it’s fair share of uninspired achievements. At least it doesn’t have a platinum trophy of its own, so there’s not much external incentive to unlock them all. Either way, if you’re going to try to unlock them all, we wish you the best of luck.

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