Kindergarten 2 – Opposites Attract Storyline Guide

Storyline guide for “Opposites Attract.”

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Before school starts you’ll need to pick up BOB’S TOOLBELT & your A+ REPORT CARD.

School Yard

  • Talk to the principal and get a pass to talk to her at lunch.
  • Talk to Carla and tell her that “It can’t be that hard to smuggle things in.” Take the firecracker from her.
  • Talk to Penny and get the firecracker confiscated.
  • Talk to Buggs and tell him Penny also took something from you. Show him your A+ report card.
  • Talk to Penny again and say you can be friends. Get the friendship bracelet from her.
  • Go to the “smart” class when the bell rings.

Morning Time

  • Talk to Penny, ask her “Where is the stuff you take from kids?”
  • Take the assessment on the computer and accept the toilet paper as your prize. (Either prize will work, but the toilet paper allows you to grab a Monstermon card later!)
  • Ask if you *may* leave the classroom and go downstairs to the boys’ bathroom.
  • Use your toilet roll to clog one of the toilets.
  • Enter the other classroom and ask Cindy if you can have her doll. You’re roped into playing house with her.
  • Here, you can spray her in the eyes with the cleaning solution, if you chose that prize, show her the PRESTIGIOUS PIN BADGE as an AA 30 days clean pin – or, threaten to take your “daughter” back. She’ll call the Janitor to act as a cop, but he’ll be busy unclogging the toilet from earlier – and he’ll find a Monstermon card!
  • Go to the boys’ bathroom on your way back and talk to the Janitor to get the [OGLEBOP OGRE] card.
  • Go back to the science lab and give the doll to Penny.

Kindergarten 2 - Opposites Attract Storyline Guide


  • Talk to Buggs and show him the computer disk. He’ll agree to create a distraction for you.
  • Go to the door and go to visit the Principal. The lunch lady Margaret will enter shortly after and drag the Principal away to deal with a food fight.
  • While you’re alone, put the disk in the computer, print the document and take it. Then unlock the door on the far left of the room.
  • Return to the cafeteria and talk to Buggs. Show him the document and get the walkie-talkie.

Kindergarten 2 - Opposites Attract Storyline Guide


  • Talk to Monty, who will have decoded the document for you.
  • Buggs will call afterwards. Open the gate, walk down the alleyway and enter the Principal’s office through the back door.
  • Go to the girls’ bathroom, use BOB’S TOOLBELT to unscrew the vent and sneak into the science lab.
  • Go to the lesson plan in the top-right corner and change it to MAGNETS.
  • Go back to the playground and skip ahead. Pay the lab fee and go to science class.

Science Lab

  • Once the lesson on magnets begins, it seems that there’s a missing gear stopping the lesson from progressing. Penny talks to you and confesses it was her who took it.


  • We can deviate from the story here in order to earn some collectables – then restart the science lab section. Instead of going out into the hallway when Buggs calls you, skip ahead by eating your apples. Penny will go outside and kill Buggs and Carla. Go out there yourself and examine them for the [XL HAND-ME-DOWN] and the [SLY GREEN SKIRT] outfits.

Kindergarten 2 - Opposites Attract Storyline Guide

  • Go out into the hallway, telling Dr Danner you’re going to look for the missing gear. Talk to Buggs and Carla about picking the locker lock and distracting Penny.
  • Go back into the science lab, find Penny’s doll hidden under the bottom-right desk and give it to her.
  • Go back into the hallway and get the gear from Carla. Return to the science lab and give it to Dr Danner. You will unlock the [ROBO DRESS] outfit too!

For completing this storyline you will unlock the key item [PENNY’S LASER BEAM] and the [KILLER EYE] Monstermon card.

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