Kindergarten 2 – Breaking Sad Storyline Guide

Storyline guide for “Breaking Sad.”

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You’ll need the MONSTERMON PLUSHIE and FELIX’S STRANGE CHEMICAL to complete this storyline.

School Yard

  • Talk to Ms. Applegate and keep bugging her until she exclaims she’s about to snap.
  • Talk to Cindy, ask her about the two of you being boyfriend and girlfriend. Say “I disagree, you’re pretty awful.” Start a “domestic dispute” with her and Ms. Applegate will snap.
  • Buggs will come over and talk to you. Then talk to Carla, tell her you think “It can’t be that hard to smuggle things in” and she’ll give you a firecracker.
  • Talk to Monty and pay him $3.00 to use the wheelchair ramp.
  • Enter the downstairs classroom and hide the firecracker in your cubby, which is the one on the far left of the room. The bell will ring and morning time will start.

Kindergarten 2 - Breaking Sad Storyline Guide

Morning Time

  • Go to your cubby and set off the firecracker.
  • Follow Ms. Applegate out of the classroom and talk to her outside the cafeteria. Talk to her about getting pills.
  • Go upstairs to the science lab and talk to Monty. Show him that you have FELIX’S STRANGE CHEMICAL.
  • After Dr Danner throws you out of the lab, go to the vending machine and buy a pair of scissors for $1.00.
  • Return to the downstairs classroom and talk to Ms. Applegate.

Kindergarten 2 - Breaking Sad Storyline Guide


  • Talk to Monty and get his elevator key.
  • Talk to Carla and show her the popped firecracker. She’ll agree to change the science lesson plan for the afternoon.
  • Buy a burger from Margaret for $1.00. Leave the cafeteria using your passbook and use the elevator to go down to the basement. Squeak the MONSTERMON PLUSHIE by the cardboard box and Lily and Billy will appear. Billy will refuse to give you any hair samples though, so you’ll automatically go back upstairs.

Kindergarten 2 - Breaking Sad Storyline Guide


  • Talk to Ms. Applegate and give her the scissors. She’ll cut off Nugget’s hair and give you it. She’ll also give you some of her own.
  • Go back through the cafeteria and enter the downstairs classroom. Steal the $3.00 from Ted’s cubby.
  • Use the elevator to go down.
  • Interact with Billy’s decapitated head to get some hair.


  • If you interact with Billy’s body, you’ll unlock the [MISSING CHILD’S SHIRT] outfit!


  • If you approach the monster, it will kill you instantly but you’ll also unlock the [SLEUTH’S DRESS] outfit!

  • Go back upstairs, through the cafeteria and back outside. Talk to Monty and give him his elevator key back.
  • Pay the $3.00 lab fee to go to afternoon science class.

Kindergarten 2 - Breaking Sad Storyline Guide

Science Lab

  • Talk to Monty and give him the items he needs to make the pills. He’ll give you 3 items you can use to distract the other kids.
  • Hand out the items in this order: give the green flower to Ozzy, give the pink gem to Cindy and give the blue doll to Penny.
  • Talk to Monty again to get a puzzle. Dr Danner can give you the answers.


  • If you mix the chemical with either GREEN or PURPLE, it will blow up and kill you, forcing you to restart the area – but you’ll also get the [BLACK MARKET SHIRT] outfit.

  • Mix the chemical with RED to make the pills. Monty will also give you the [MAN ON FIRE] Monstermon card.

For completing this storyline Ms. Applegate will give you the key item [FACULTY REMOTE].

Kindergarten 2 - Breaking Sad Storyline Guide

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