Key To Another Inn Door Location in Ocean’s Heart

In Ocean’s Heart there are a number of secrets for players to uncover. Many of these secrets are straightforward while others are a bit more mysterious. One secret you can uncover is a key in the basement of the Ballast Harbor inn. This key is dropped by a drunken pirate. When you pick up the key you will learn it opens the door of another inn. To help you find this locked inn door our Ocean’s Heart key to another inn location door guide below.

Where is the Key To Another Inn Door?

Image showing the Key To Another Inn Door in Goatshead.

Once you have the Key to Another Inn make your way back to Goatshead. In Goatshead head to the center of the town and enter the inn there called Juneberry. Inside the inn you can speak to the front counter attendant to learn one of the rooms is locked and the key was taken by a patron. This key they are speaking of happens to be the one we found. Head down the hallway so the screen transitions and you will find the locked door on your right. Open it.

Inside this inn room you will find a treasure chest containing 1x Coral Ore. Simply entering the room will complete the questline associated with the mysterious key. The Coral Ore you find can be used to upgrade you weapons at the blacksmiths in each of the towns.

This is just one of many locked doors you will need to find as you play Ocean’s Heart. Many of these locked doors contain rewards you will find useful as you make your way through the game.

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