Key From Lake Umber Door Location in Ocean’s Heart

In Ocean’s Heart there are a number of secrets for players to uncover. Many of these secrets are straightforward while others are a bit more mysterious. One secret you can uncover is located in Lake Umber beneath Oakhaven. In this area there is a chest you can open that contains the Key From Lake Umber. This key is said to open a door somewhere in Oakhaven. To help you find this locked building use our Ocean’s Heart key from Lake Umber door location guide below.

Where is the Key From Lake Umber Door?

Image showing the door in Oakhaven you can open using the Key From Lake Umber in Ocean's Heart.

Once you have the Key From Lake Umber make your way back to Oakhaven. In Oakhaven head to the westside of the city and look for a green arch to the east of the apothecary. By this green arch is a brown building. This building has a closed door. Open the building using your Key From Lake Umber to enter it.

Defeat the monsters on the various floors of this building and continue deeper. Clear the next floor to open a door. This door leads to a room that contains two treasure chests. The chest on the left contains 100x Crowns and the chest on the right contains a piece of armor. Open both to complete the quest.

This is just one of many locked doors you will need to find as you play Ocean’s Heart. Many of these locked doors contain rewards you will find useful as you make your way through the game.

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