Katana ZERO – Guide to Secret Hunter Swords

These exotic swords will bring a new way to kill your enemies!

Secret Hunter Swords Guide

Secret Hunter Achievement Required

You will need to beat the game to earn the To Be Continued achievement which also unlocks Speedrun mode. You also have to earn the Secret Hunter achievement in order to make use of these swords in Speedrun Mode.


Your traditional weapon of evisceration.


  • Deflects 1 bullet per swing.


  • Shield Police – deflects sword attacks with shield.
  • Skinny Rickies (Crowbar) – deflects sword attacks on collision.

Prism Sword

The inner artist in you will be happy!

  • Same power as Katana but your sword swings are streaks of color and enemy blood is randomly changed to colorful splashes. Kills made by other methods default to red blood.


  • Deflects 1 bullet per swing.
  • The colors Duke! The colors!


  • Shield Police – deflects sword attacks with shield.
  • Skinny Rickies (Crowbar) – deflects sword attacks on collision.

Sword of Masters

Your heart containers are always full!

  • Shoots out a small spinning blade in the direction of your swing.
  • Blade attack range is smaller.
  • The projectile behaves just like a thrown object.
  • There is a small 2 second cooldown and an audiovisual cue when it is ready. When it is ready, Zero will pulse slowly with a blue glow. Blade attacks can be performed while waiting for the next beam attack.
  • Skinny Rickies can deflect your blade attack. If there are two Skinny Rickies, and you attack both of them at the same time as their attack; the front Skinny Rickies will deflect your blade, while the second one will deflect your projectile. The front Ricky will die (somehow), and the second one will be stunned and knocked back. A rare occurrence for sure.


  • Deflects 1 bullet per swing.
  • Shoots out a blade that travels indefinitely.
  • Skinny Rickies die easily.


  • Shield Police – deflects sword and blocks projectile with shield.
  • Skinny Rickies (Crowbar) – deflects sword attacks on collision.
  • Projectile will be used up if it collides with anything.
  • Smaller blade attack range.

Savant Knife

Your CQC will be put to the test.

  • An extremely short ranged attack that can be done once every .5 seconds.
  • Can attack very fast and super useful when using SloMo.


  • Deflects 1 bullet per swing.
  • High Attack rate.


  • Shield Police – deflects knife attacks with shield.
  • Skinny Rickies (Crowbar) – deflects knife attacks on collision.
  • Very short attack range.

Claymore Prototype

Nothing can stop death!

  • Sword swings have a larger attack range but slower attack rate.
  • Super useful against Shotgun Police because it can deflect all bullets that your sword makes contact with.
  • Going into a room with this sword with many enemies with guns won’t save you, much.
  • Attacking a Skinny Rickies will 95% net you a kill against them. Your sword does not get deflected by their attack, it simply goes right on through killing Skinny Rickies. It seems there is a longer hit animation, hitting enemies more times. Rarely you knock Skinny Rickies back like a normal deflection.
  • A very good sword, probably my favorite.


  • Deflects all bullets per swing.
  • Larger attack range.
  • Strong against Skinny Rickies.


  • Shield Police – deflects sword attacks with shield.
  • Slower attack rate.

Phoenix Edge

Your enemies won’t come back from this, but you will!

  • Flaming sword swings blow out fire that burn the living. Meaning, Assault Drones and Auto-Turrets are immune to the flames but are destroyed by the blade.
  • Blade attack range is smaller.
  • Shield Police can block the flames and blade.
  • The flames billow out in a cone. Very useful to hit multiple enemies at a range.
  • Phoenix Edge can also detonate explosives.
  • Skinny Rickies fall easily to this blade. You can safely be deflected by their attack but the flames will get them.
  • Enemies will actively avoid running into the flames. If they are in range, they will burn. If the flames are out and they are out of range, they will stand still or stop moving and wait for the flames to die out and attempt to kill you.
  • Good sword to give you some cover against deflections or for those just out of reach of your blade.


  • Deflects 1 bullet per swing.
  • Blows out flames in a cone for added range.
  • Kills Skinny Rickies easily.
  • Can detonate explosives.


  • Shield Police – blocks sword attacks and flames with shield.
  • Skinny Rickies (Crowbar) – deflects sword attacks on collision but flames still burn them dead.
  • Blade attack range is slightly smaller.

What’s the Deal with Skinny Rickies and Shield Police?

I include them as weaknesses. That is because they are the only ones that can defend themselves, interrupt your attack patterns, and alter your movements. When these enemies are accompanied by other dangerous foes, things can get a little hairy.

Skinny Rickies attacks with a crowbar. If your attack connects with his crowbar, both of you will be deflected, knocked back, and stunned. Your sword attack is put on a small cooldown.

Shield Police can block everything with his shield. Sword attacks against his shield will send you and him back and both are stunned. Attacking from behind, above, or when they let their guard down to shoot you, are basically the only ways to take him out.

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