Jurassic World Evolution – Paleobotany Compatibilty Sheet (Herbivores)

Just a Google Doc to help you out with your herbivores and their paleobotany ratings. Just bookmark it to use it when needed!

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You’re probably a player who, just like me, found out you could not get all your herbivores in the same enclosure on Sanctuary since you have to give them the right food without poisoning any of them.

Jurassic World Evolution - Paleobotany Compatibilty Sheet (Herbivores)

The latest DLC of the game, Claire’s Sanctuary, adds a new gameplay mechanic: Paleobotany. It comes with a greenhouse, which allows you to grow plants from the Mesozoic that you can stock in the new paleofeeders.

Feeding a dinosaur its favourite plant, or a compatible one, will increase its Paleobotany Rating, and thus your park’s stars ranking.

However if the animal eats a plant it is not compatible with, its ratings will decrease along with its lifespan!


The chart includes all herbivorous dinosaurs (including hybrid) as in the 1.8 Update (Claire’s Sanctuary) of the game.

  • Google Docs.

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