The idea of dissonant cultures going to war with one another has long been a hot subject on playgrounds and in tiny hipster cafes. Pirates versus ninjas, vikings versus knights, cavemen versus the military; fantasizing such things is one of life’s most delightfully pointless pastimes. With Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, you can bring such wacky matchups to life in a hilariously wonky spectacle. But while the game is available for PC, is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on Xbox?

When Totally Accurate Battle Simulator started its full development period back in 2019, Landfall Games struck a deal with Microsoft to be a part of their Game Preview initiative. Basically, it was just a fancier name for “early access,” though in addition to being on Steam Early Access, being a part of the Game Preview initiative meant that the early build of the game could be played on an Xbox One console. In addition to buying the Game Preview version, you could also get free access to it on an Xbox One or PC through Xbox Games Pass.

Is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on Xbox? 

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is still on Xbox Games Pass, but as of a week ago, things have gotten a touch confusing. See, the version of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator that’s available on Xbox One and through Xbox Games Pass is still the Games Preview version, virtually unchanged since it was first added to the initiative back in 2019. Meanwhile, over on Steam, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has already left early access and is in full 1.0 release, with a whole mess of additional content that wasn’t present in the early version. This update, at least as of writing, has not found its way to the Xbox One version.

So while you can technically play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on an Xbox One, you can’t play the full version that’s currently available on Steam. However, Landfall Games has clarified that they have every intention of getting the full version out to every console it was promised for, so it’ll be there eventually.