So we’ve pretty definitively covered the best counters for all three members of the Forces of Nature trio. By the end of the Season of Legends in June, assuming you’ve done your due diligence, you’ll have successfully captured all three of them twice each, both in Incarnate forme and Therian forme. So looking toward the future, it’s time for a million dollar question: is Landorus, Thundurus or Tornadus better in Pokémon GO?

Let’s go through these fellas by process of elimination, starting with Tornadus. Whether in Incarnate or Therian forme, all three members of the Forces of Nature retain their typing, which in Tornadus’ case, is pure Flying. Tornadus is already in bad shape here, as being a pure Flying type means it has the most weaknesses and fewest resistances compared to his brothers. In Incarnate forme, he’s got 266 attack, 164 defense, and 188 stamina. In Therian forme, he’s got 238 attack, 189 defense, and 188 stamina. Not terrible, but we’ve got brighter avenues to pursue. 

Thundurus is a step in the right direction, as his Electric/Flying typing gives him more resistances than his brothers and the same number of weaknesses as Landorus. In Incarnate forme, he has the exact same stats as Tornadus, but in Therian forme, he’s got 295 attack, 161 defense, and 188 stamina. Higher attack, lower defense, but more resistances. Pretty good, but can we do better?

As a paradoxical Ground/Flying type, Landorus has the same number of weaknesses as Thundurus, and one less resistance. However, this downside is balanced out by his stats. Landorus is the only member of the trio with different stats in Incarnate forme, namely 261 attack, 182 defense, and 205 stamina. In Therian forme, he’s got 289 attack, 179 defense, and 205 stamina. In both formes, while Landorus’ attack stats are slightly lower than his brothers’, his defense is notably higher, both providing better stat balance and making up for the one fewer type resistance he has compared to Thundurus. 

Is Landorus, Thundurus or Tornadus Better in Pokémon GO?

Putting the numbers side by side, I’d say the answer is pretty clear: the man of the hour, and the leader of Forces of Nature, is Landorus. With his balanced stats, tricky typing, and solid damage-dealing options, he’s definitely one of your ideal Ground type Pokémon, doubly so in Therian forme.