Image via miHoYo

While traversing Genshin Impact’s wide plains and tall mountains by yourself is arguably a part of its charm, it can get a little lonely. Such a massive play space is begging for a little multiplayer action, but is Genshin Impact multiplayer compatible?

Good Things Come in Pairs

To answer my own question immediately, yes, Genshin Impact is multiplayer compatible; co-op, to be precise. You can have up to three other players join you in a team to explore the world and tackle certain quests. It can be quite fun, though there are some prerequisites you’ll need to meet before you can do it.

In order to unlock co-op play, you’ll need to progress far enough into the game’s story to unlock the Adventurer’s Guild, as well as the Adventure Rank system. After that, you’ll need to work your way up to AR level 16, at which point co-op play will automatically become available. From the co-op menu, you can request to join someone else’s world, or host up to three other players. You can also organize a party at the entrance to a Domain. 

When playing in co-op, a few aspects of the game will change. Firstly, depending on how many players you’re playing with, your own character availability will decrease. If you’re hosting one player, both of you can only control two characters. If you’re hosting two players, they each get one, you get two. Finally, when you host three players, everyone only gets one character.

Some features also become unavailable while you’re playing in co-op. You cannot complete story quests, you can’t enter the Spiral Abyss, and you can’t pick up any Anemoculus or Geoculus (though the host player can still get them). Everything else is still on the table, including daily quests, Domains, Ley Line Outcrops, and miniboss encounters. 

Lastly, Genshin Impact does have cross-play compatibility, so whether people are playing on a PC, PlayStation 4, Android phone, or iPhone, everyone can join in the fun.