Insurgency: Sandstorm – Defense on Push Guide

Before we carry on with this guide, you won’t always win defense. Sometimes your team chemistry isn’t good, and sometimes the enemy’s chemistry is just amazing. You WILL lose here and there. But by taking these strategies into heart, you can delay the capture or maybe even stop it and eventually win.

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Holding Tactics

The main objective of the Defenders is to hold as many of the 3-4 points as possible or go into the cache phase of the game, which if the attackers win, will end the game. To prevent this, we have to learn how to effectively hold points.

Imagine a No Man’s Land in the middle of Attacker spawn and the point to be held by defenders. If no attackers are in the No Man’s Land, the push likely hasn’t or is about to start. In this phase, you can be pushed up all the way to restricted zone to pick off a few attackers that are starting the push (not recommended for new players, but an easy way to get frags if you can win engagements). Or you can be just a bit ahead of the point, next to it, or inside it. Don’t go behind unless you have a nice place to snipe from long range. If you’re gonna play for retake (holding a position outside the point to be ready to counterattack in case of capture initiation) play relatively close to get there in time. Do not overextend. With all this being said, you should be trying to pick off as many attackers before their reinforcements come in, so that if they do come in, it’s easier to clear the point.

Retake Tactics

So you just lost a bunch of guys when the attackers pushed. They’re on the objective, your wave respawned, and there are a few guys alive from the previous wave that are ready to take it back. Here are strategies for retaking as a fresh respawn or a leftover from the previous wave.

Fresh Wave Retake

Chances are, your team has respawned in bulk, around 5-10 players. Now you have to clear point. To do that, you have to make sure you’re able to win any engagement with any attacker you find inside, but obviously you have to get there alive first. A lot of attackers set up a line of defense that will pick off any defenders trying to retake the point; a reversed scenario of the previous. Move from cover to cover and if you for some reason have them, smoke out any attackers with a lethal angle on fresh defenders. Make sure you don’t screw over your approach with the smoke however, as this may cost the point.

Survivor Retake

You’re still alive from the previous wave and have to retake point. You’re probably alive because you were unchallenged by any attackers, likely because they didn’t push the location you were in. Make a wise approach if you’re playing for retake, and if you can, try to come in from where the attackers came in (flank them). You’re likely to get an easy pick if you do it well.

The strategy I prefer though, is leaving the retake to the fresh defender wave to play for picks. Especially if the attackers just respawned, or I kept tabs on the fact that only a fraction of the attackers have entered point, that means that more enemies are coming. What I do is quickly set up a position that can allow me to pick off any more survivors coming in. Most of the time, attackers have to rush to reinforce the point, and they think their entry is secured because the attackers that made it in, well, made it in. Take advantage of this and pick off some of them. It will ease up the pressure on the retake effort.

Retreat Tactics

Should you lose a point, you can either retreat or play for picks. Generally only about three people on defense should play for picks, as eventually the restricted area will grow, meaning if you are a defender within that area you won’t be able to fire, melee, or throw any nades. This means you will probably die, therefore if you do play for picks, be mindful how many of your teammates are doing so as well and get as many kills as you can. Therefore if you die, you weakened the next push, and since not many people that played for picks died, the defense wouldn’t be greatly affected either.

Cache Tactics

Well, you lost all 3-4 points and you’re on cache. You’re probably not gonna win at 5+ attack waves, as defenders can’t respawn once they die after the cache wave comes in. There’s no room for error, so set up a really good position and kill as many attackers as you can or play on the cache, preferably in a cheeky spot where you will have a massive advantage over anyone that comes in to destroy it. On some maps, there are spots on cache objective where you cannot die to nades (unless you’re against an oddshot god). Unless the attackers have fire nades, 1 person can hold off all the rest of the attackers’ waves if the sole survivor plays right, or the attackers play wrong.

This leads me to the next and final point. If you’re last alive, go crazy to impress your dead comrades that are spectating you 🙂

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