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Today was Doublelift’s return back to Team Liquid after a short three-game break. Immortals made sure there was no welcome back party by securing themselves a Week 7 victory against Team Liquid.

Immortals stuck together and moved like a squad throughout the map, resulting in a strong early game. Team Liquid fell behind and seemed a bit delayed in making plays and reacting to situations. So far this split, their team is 0-3 against the Pobelter and Xmithie duo.

Hakuho and Apollo dominated the bottom lane and carried Immortals to victory. This was the fight where Apollo opened it up for Immortals with a huge penta-kill.

Twenty minutes into the game Immortals was ahead on all fronts and a decisive team fight a few minutes later sealed the deal. Immortals end Week 7 with a 1-1 record with a strong finish against Team Liquid. They’re now sitting in 4th place tied with EG and 100 Thieves.

Immortals vs. Team Liquid LCS 2020 Spring Week 7 Results

IMT 14-4-31 vs 4-14-8 TL
sOAZ renekton 2-0-5 TOP 0-3-1 zac Impact
Xmithie gragas 3-0-6 JNG 1-1-1 olaf Broxah
Eika qiyana 1-2-9 MID 1-4-3 zoe Jensen
Apollo aphelios 8-0-3 BOT 2-2-1 miss fortune Doublelift
Hakuho tahmkench 0-2-8 SUP 0-4-2 nautilus CoreJJ