I Love You, Colonel Sanders! – Answers for Chapter VI: The Sixth Bite

The answers for the questions asked in chapter 6, when facing off against Aeshleigh.

I Love You, Colonel Sanders! Guides:

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Questions and Answers for Chapter VI

I got a bit stuck on these questions for a little, so I decided to make a guide to help anyone who may be stuck too. The answers to the questions are below.

  • Question 1: What temperature does water boil at?
  • Answer: 100°C

  • Question 2: How many herbs and spices did he say he used?
  • Answer: Eleven.

  • Question 3:
    What state of mind offers the most flavor?
  • Answer: Gratitude.

  • Question 4:
    Now would be a great time to harness that energy. So, where does it come from?
  • Answer: A small town where big dreams are born.

  • Question 5:
    What is the sound of success?
  • Answer: Silence.

P.S. Hopefully this guide helps you guys if you were stuck at this bit! Now you can go back to having that hot date with Colonel Sanders!

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