Hunting Simulator 2 – Hunting Basic Guide

This guide will teach you the basics on hunting and will also teach you how to play the game correctly.

Guide to Basics

The Basics When Starting

What to do when you first start?

When you first go to the store you’ll notice you already have a bunch of money to use. I recommend you buy a x6.0 optic as it will most likely be the best to use. You will also be given the X-bolt composite SF threaded rifle which uses .270 type of ammo great for any target that is bigger than a cat.

You might also want to spend some money on either a shotgun, whether it is a pump-action or double barreled. It is very useful to either kill multiple targets or if they attempt flying away but beware: the range for the 12g and 20g is very short so better be close before you fire, also, it can be quite messy.

Regarding tools and equipment, goggles are very nice but so are callers to know where you pray is. Callers will only work once you are within approximatively 150 to 200 meters from your target. Warning: Predators, just like you, are hunters. When you use a caller for them they will approach you slowly and without making a sound and won’t respond to your caller. Only use this once you’ve already spotted the enemy hu- the predator.

Where to Hunt?

Roosevelt Forest

There a lot of good spots for hunting, but not every place contains good game to hunt. While being in Roosevelt Forest, you’ll notice your ears will most likely be more useful than your eyes. The trees and vegetation offer good spots to hide and the hilly terrain does not make hunting easier. You may find some good game in there, but honestly, who ever goes trekking nowadays?

Pawnee Meadows

  • Now Pawnee Meadows! Nothing to obstruct your vision, fields lost in the middle of nowhere but that’s not what matters really. When going to Pawnee you will be pleased to see that to the south east of the map there is a farm and a road that is behind it. This can be the perfect place to hunt!
  • The farm means game is there and the road behind it assure you that new prey will come in your area BUT ! Shooting a target going more than 50km/h is not easy and they will not stop on this road.
  • I’d recommend aiming for the tire-I mean legs first.

You Are Good and Have Money Now, What Should You Do?


You’ve been very successful in your hunting trips and now you have made enough money and feel confident enough for more? Well I have the solution for this.

I’d suggest investing in a modern hunting rifle, my personal favorite being the Rec 10 Flat Dark Earth Cerakote, mostly for its caliber that is .308 instead of .223. You loose 10 rounds in the magazine but the stopping power is, in my opinion, worth it.

That that you are fully equipped, you can join the big boy game hunting areas and there are many to explore. Ranging from schools, to main streets to even beaches ! The hunt is just starting and the preys are waiting, so be quick!

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