There are tons of different items to find in Valheim, some of which provide some powerful bonuses to your character. Things like the Wishbone come in handy when searching for resources and hidden treasures throughout your journeys. It’s one of the few items that provide an active buff that can help you locate various hidden objects in the wild. Here’s how to use the Wishbone in Valheim.

The vast world of Valheim has numerous secrets buried just under a few feet of dirt. If you know where to look, you can dig them up pretty quickly, and you don’t even need a montage! But where, exactly, are you supposed to look? Well, that’s where the Wishbone comes in. After you defeat Bonemass in the Swamp biome, you’ll receive his enchanted Wishbone which, perhaps in reference to its distinctive shape, works not unlike a dowsing rod, uncovering hidden goodies with nondescript magical mojo.

How to Use the Wishbone in Valheim

To use the Wishbone, all you gotta do is equip it. While the Wishbone is active, take a stroll around the world. If your character begins emitting green, wispy sparks and making a slight beeping noise, that means there’s buried treasure afoot! The more sparks and beeping you get, the closer the treasure is. When you think you’ve got the spot nailed, whip out your pickaxe and dig straight down to uncover a chest full of valuable and handy tools.

In addition to hunting treasure, the Wishbone provides an even more valuable service: silver detection. Silver ore veins occur naturally in Mountain biomes, but are nearly impossible to find with the naked eye. With the power of the Wishbone, though, you’ll be alerted with the usual sparks and beeping whenever there’s silver ore buried nearby. When you get the signal, start digging, though be advised ore is usually a bit deeper than chests, so you might need more than one pickaxe. Bring that ore home with you, and you can smelt it into all kinds of cool stuff!