The first thing you might notice after loading into Valheim is that the world is massive. Walking around on foot is not the most convenient, and definitely not the most efficient, means of travel. Luckily, there’s an object you’ll acquire early on to help you get around much easier. We’re talking about the portal, of course. Here’s how to use the portal to teleport in Valheim.

Portals’ primary purpose is to allow you to get around quickly between the different biomes or different areas within the same biome. You may want to do this to transport goods back and forth, as some resources are native to other regions. While you cannot transfer ore and metals through a Portal, everything else is fair game. At the time of writing this, though, there is a sneaky way to transport your metals. We’ll cover that at the end of this guide. Let’s dive in.

How to Make Portals in Valheim

To craft a portal, you will need the following materials: 

  • Surtling Core x2
  • Greydwarf Eye x10
  • Fine Wood x20
  • Workbench
How to Make Portals in Valheim

You’ll need some Surtling Cores, Greydwarf Eyes, and Fine Wood. Surtling Cores are obtained through Burial Chambers or Skeletal Crypts (also called Delves) in the Black Forest biome. You can usually find the cores within the tombs, so pay attention when you’re in there. Graydwarf eyes are easy enough to find, as any Graydwarf mob will drop them. Start collecting these and stashing them away as soon as you make it to the Black Forest biome. 

Finally, you’ll need a bit of Fine Wood, which you can get from the Meadows starting biome. Look for the Birch Trees, which have a white-color bark. You will need at least a Bronze Axe to be able to chop these trees down. Be prepared to collect quite a bit if you are looking to build a few portals at one time.

How to use Portals in Valheim

Place a portal in your main base, as this is where you’ll be teleporting from to other areas. I recommend creating a large portal room, so you have one centralized place to keep them all organized. Ensure the runes on the portal face you when you set it down next to a wall, or you might get stuck on the wall when returning. 

After placing a portal, you’ll see you can enter a Portal Tag. The Portal Tag is a way to identify and connect multiple portals, activating them and allowing you to travel between them. If you name this portal “home” and build another portal somewhere else and give it the same Portal Tag, they will become active.

Next, you’ll want to place another portal in another distant location. Give it the same Portal Tag as the first portal, and you can now freely travel between them. You can transport any item through the portals, except for metal ingots and ore.

How to Transport Metal through Portals in Valheim

While you cannot walk through a teleporter with metal ore on your person, there is a sneaky way around this limitation. Here’s how to do it.

With the ore on your person, log out of your current world and create a new single player game. Load into the world and make a simple workbench and chest. Place the metals in the chest from your inventory, which should still be available from your previous game. 

Next, log out of your single-player game and back into the world with your portals. Teleport through the portal, and the log back out and back to the single-player game you made in the previous step. When you’re in, grab your metal out of your chest and log back over to your regular server.

The metal should now be in your inventory! While this may not be the most straightforward process, it can save you lots of time otherwise spent running back from wherever you were mining your ore.